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  1. That’s awesome. I sure do like what I’m seeing. I really wanted an exposed hammer double, but really didn’t want another Chinese repro. I had a CIA 1878 for a short time, but it was really heavy and bulky. Worked well, but felt like a tank. Lol If the price is right once the work imhas been completed, I’ll be acquiring the 235. -IB
  2. Thank you gentleman. I appreciate your responses. I couldn’t find anything online to support what I was told, but I had a hunch that several folks here have had some dealings with this shotgun. I appreciate it. Speed is not an issue for me at this point. I’m new to the sport. Though it would be fun to be a bit more competitive, I’m having fun learning for now. Bull Skinner, I will ask him about the springs and report back. -Idaho Bob
  3. I was just offered a Stevens 235 external hammer 12ga from my local gunsmith. He is replacing the stock at the moment and just fabricated new hammers for it. Barrels are 20 inches and lacks a bead sight, so I’m assuming they were cut. I’ll need to have him install a bead sight. No set price yet... I was told about a thread on the wire that was discussing the tendencies of these shotguns to come apart in your face, but I’m unable to find it. Does anybody have any experience with these? I understand the heavy springs make them less “gamey” but that really isn’t my concern at this point. Sure looks like a nice old double for Brass BP shells and would be good until I learn to shoot faster (If that happens at all). What are your experiences with this model? Is it a good SG to pick up, or better to pass on it? Thanks for the help! -IB
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