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  1. Yes, made to order. A friend has a custom cabinet business on the side. My first cart and his first time building one. See how it goes
  2. Yessir, cap and ball. Not my first match ever, my first time at Heluva Rukus. Hopefully I have time to load
  3. Just picked up my first gun cart. Ambrosia Maple is a little fancy but that’s what he had laying around the shop. Going to try it out at Heluva Rukus this weekend. Also my first time. Here goes nuthin
  4. I started with this guy Then I adjusted it for my own needs. I just put 40gr FFFg and a 454 ball and twist them up. I pinch off the tail when I load them, then grease the top. Works good so far.
  5. I have used track and slix on an identical pair of guns. I prefer Track nipples with #10 Remington caps. I know what Track says, but I use aTed Cash snail capper with #10 and it works great.
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