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  1. Shoot went well. All 50 cartridges went boom. No real problems. The guns did seem to be binding a little more than usual. Not sure if that was the papers fault, probably caps. When I cleaned them, some debris washed out of the chambers. Overall, way better than handling loose powder. Maybe I could use a jag to clean the chambers between loadings, like the worm for a cannon
  2. Here’s what I came up with. First attempt at paper cartridges. Monthly shoot tomorrow, here goes nuthin
  3. So does anybody sell “cowboy” looking safety glasses? Maybe something like Bronson wore in White Buffalo?
  4. Apparently you have a better flask than mine. I have a 40gr spout on mine. Tip it over, check it, not full, tip it shake it check it, almost, tip it....... https://www.northeasttradeco.com/online-store/EZE-Loader-Revolver-cylinder-loader-p68851282
  5. I’m looking for ideas to speed up my loading process. I shoot a pair of ‘48 Dragoons. I’m sure the best thing would be to buy 10 more cylinders and nipples but I don’t want to pay for it or clean it. I currently use a North East Trade Co. EZE loader. It works well, dispensing powder is what slows me down. Brass flask is real slow. I’ve been using a Lyman 55 measure but it’s testy in humidity and having it full of powder seems like an accident waiting to happen. Any suggestions? thanks for looking
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