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  1. Thanks for the tip Marshall, I am going after dirty low down's crossdraw rig. Feel free to pursue whatever LawDawg comes up with. Thanks to all
  2. I would like to buy the crossdraw rig, that's the one in the lower pic right ? I am new to the group, so not sure how to proceed... call or text me at 360-969-1211, e-mail pricemfg@msn.com
  3. decent price on the Dirty Low Down.... I don't know if I can shoot left handed, maybe I should be looking at a cross-draw setup. I think my left is stronger, but a whole lot less coordinated !!! I tried to hammer a nail left-handed when I had to, what a disaster.
  4. GOOD EYE CAROLINA !!! I think I passed over that one because of the description. I might change the grips to wood, but that's no big deal. Thank You
  5. Thanks JB, I did not think to look there. Looks like I may have to pay that much or more.
  6. Wanted: a holster setup for Old Model Vaqueros with 5.5" barrel in 38" waist. I am new, so not too worried about fancy looks, just function. Thanks for your time....JL
  7. The Good news: I bought a Ruger and the bad news: I only bought one ! I am looking for ONE Old Model Vaquero Bisley grip stainless in .45 colt with 5.5" barrel. either polished or satin finish would work. also looking for holster setup to fit with about 38" waist
  8. new sass member #108530. I am interested in the 5.5" barrel. just to confirm, the serial # has two digits ? i.e. 57-123456 what is the next step ? I am in Western Washington, so will have to ship to my FFL. I am off work today, so I can go get a money order or certified check whichever you prefer.
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