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  1. My '66 Carbine is from 1994, the bore slugs .4535 diameter. I have always fed it .454 diameter bullets from a Lyman #454190*. Never had a problem. Groups 5rds into 2 1/2" at 50yrds from the bench, just resting both elbows on the bench. I had a brass "top/bead" added to the front sight and a Williams Full Buckhorn rear sight. Did the same thing to a 1988 '73 Carbine in .44WCF. *Cast of 50/50 COWW/#2, Lubed with White Label Lube's BAC. Sized & Lubed in Lyman 450.
  2. Call RCBS, ask for a RN seating stem. They'll send it to you free
  3. Actually My Daughter started sizing brass at 8yrs old and I stopped having to load 12ga shells from 1994 until I had to stop shooting in 2010. She loaded every shotgun shell I and she and Judge Wells Spicer shot. The Judge continues to shoot occasionally and is still shooting the 140+ boxes left over when I stopped shooting. She stopped too, it's no fun without DAD. 

  4. Howdy, all I'm once again new to the SASSWIRE, even though I've been a SASS Member since 1989. Can't Shoot anymore due to physical infirmities. Haven't shot a match since Feb 2011. Load ammo for a good friend though. Yeah I know you shouldn't shoot someone else's handloads or let them shoot your's. Lot's of interesting thoughts and opinions here. Sometimes I find it hard to believe how much Cowboy Shooting has changed from where it started. Still trying to find my way around this version of the Wire.
  5. I tried the Lee FCD when they came out. It does crush cases and deform bullets. So I went back to the 1960's Lyman dies. They size the cases to fit in my 1st Gen 44WCF. Sizing down your bullets as you crimp them is not helping.
  6. I upgraded from a Pro-Jector to one of the first L-N-L Presses. Too soon, if I'd waited a few more more months.....I'd have a good ejector system. The conversions are still available. But you have to send back your old shell plates to have the groove for the bottom ejector cut. $10.00 A piece, includes return postage.

    I cut off the feed "trough(?)" Off my new subplate. It was in the way and I'll never use a case feeder.   

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