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  1. You sync the devices over bluetooth. I believe, I get an email with the match pin, download the match over the internet then sync that to my Ipad at the range. no need to do that i just like to have a backup copy on the phone. WIFI is not needed until you upload scores to practiscore I'm not sure on the master device. we've never done that nor does it appear to be needed as all devices can be the master. if you are running more than one wifi enabled device it is highly recommended to get the devices synced to begin the match then turn on airplane mode to avoid issues. that way a device can have it's data corrected before it uploads and screws everyone up.
  2. Doc I can see how it may have seem I was say you'd kick people off for no reason, That was not the intent and I do hope folks here understand what real BS is. Getting into a heated discussion is one thing but belittling and berating is something altogether different. I appreciate that once in a while you do a little house cleaning and let everyone know without naming names that the herd got a little thinner and politely remind everyone the page is a productive environment. Really appreciate the hard work and the sharing of knowledge
  3. Well be enigmatic all you like. That was the question I thought you had asked.
  4. I guess you’ve been away from home too long Phantom. California got its open carry outlawed by a group of idiots pushing the issue. We do have a high population of people that panic if they see a gun. im all for concealed carry. I don’t see the need to advertise, not draw attention to ones self. I wish I could carry concealed legally but my county won’t hand out a CCW unless you donate to the sheriff’s reelection campaign.
  5. I’m a member of that page along with “What’s the call” I have learned quite a bit about the rules and how things are done on that page. And Doc doesn’t tolerate the BS and kicks people off with no hesitation. He runs a tight ship.
  6. I use it simply so I don’t double charge a 45 colt case and have a bad day. It is expensive but it is what it is. I do prefer unique or 231 though.
  7. There are three types of bluing. Slow rust browning/bluing only one additional step to get bluing instead of browning. Hot caustic salts bluing with formulas for steal, cast iron and stainless Yes you can blue stainless just a lot of shops choose not to. Belgian Bluing. kinda like slow rust bluing but with different chemicals. Niter bluing is not really bluing in the sense of a protective layer. It's just a color change due to heat and creates a very thin oxide layer on steel. Cold bluing is crap
  8. I gave them $5000 six month ago I hope I get my rifle.
  9. Like I said, If you spray it on wipe it off followed by a wipe down of oil it would probably be fine. But vinegar will remove bluing. I've never needed anything more than WD40, hot water and dawn soap. what ever works for you.
  10. When I had a C&B gun a few decades ago I used dawn and hot water, tore the whole gun down soaked it, clean it, and re oiled it. I would need to test the use of Windex with vinegar, as vinegar is known to removing bluing. but how long a soak would it take for that to happen?? IDK. Spraying it on and wiping it out can't hurt though. Be advised petroleum based anything is not good with black powder. at least for cleaning and bullet lube. soot turns to road tar and is nasty so stick with water based to clean with then reoil when done.
  11. I own two RL550B's and one thing I can tell you is get a manual. remove everything that is bolted to the frame, clean and lube everything. Then reassemble and properly tighten every fastener. Make your adjustments as per the manual set up guide. and start loading. I use my presses to the point that this is a annual PM i do to the machines. This thing is a machine and if not adjusted and torqued properly it will do strange things. Once adjusted and torqued it will run a very long time with no adjustment needed.
  12. Myself personally I'd either send it off to someone trusted to do a nice color case job, or I'd sit and slow rust blue it myself. Nothing looks better on an old gun then slow rust blue and CCH at least to me
  13. Nics and the state/federal (4473) paper work is the same but different. Nics and state paper work is done on a computer so basically yes California uses the same paper work to register a firearm. This same system also generates a 4473 form. Other states don’t give a damn about recording in a data base who bought what. The feds can’t record who bought what.
  14. Registering as it is known in California is entering the weapon into the state data base Nics is just that a background check on you. Currently it is illegal for the federal government to maintain a record of firearms and owners. Case law I believe
  15. Correct Sir And no law against possession of an unregistered firearm other than what the state calls an assault weapon.
  16. No you can't add your inference to my statement. The statement in question was "all firearms in California have to have a serial number because everything is registered" And that is not the case. There were many firearms made prior to 1968 that had serial numbers and yes if one of those serial numbers was removed after 1968 then it would be illegal. It was not illegal to remove the serial number off a firearm prior to 1968 GCA. How would someone know when the serial number was removed would be impossible to prove in court so that point is moot. As to whether or not I have an FFL is no consequence to the discussion at hand. That statement was made due to the fact that I have run into more FFL's that do not know the law nor care to look things up. Yet this is there business to know firearms laws as they apply to how they do business. There was no calling anyone stupid. just a lack of people in my area that fail to do their job.
  17. Both you guys need a lesson in reading comprehension. At no time did i say removing a serial number was legal. Go back and read what I quoted.
  18. I didn't say that Phantom and you know it. You just have your panties in a wad as usual. The statement was made see below That every firearm in California has to have a serial number. That is not correct. That was the only point. Yes a firearm that has had it's serial number altered in any way is illegal. but that was not the statement nor the response. Notice there was no argument from me on the removal of a serial number. I left that issue lay where it was.
  19. Not exactly correct There is no law effecting a firearm manufactured before 1968 to have a serial number. nor is there a requirement to request on from the CADOJ. So while correct that everything in California is registered they aren't dumb enough to require people to kill the antique value of a gun getting a serial number engraved. I could through out a resume of BS of being an FFL holder but I've known far to many FFL holders that didn't know the law either. No I read the code. That's all, I just spend the time to find and read the law.
  20. I own a 1873 20" oct 45 colt Stoeger Uberti rifle. I paid $1100 for mine but mine was like new condition. I also turned around and dumped $400 in parts in the rifle before i had a box of shells through it. My advice for reliability. Replace the hammer spring and the lever safety spring then replace the lever and lifter springs. All with tuned springs. this will reduce the force on the lever and smooth up the operation without getting into a short stroke kit and all the mods that go with it.
  21. A good case is about 20 lbs empty, Jed if you ever fly be sure to leave at least 2" of foam around every last part of the gun. Airport handlers are rough critters. Plano also makes a nice field locker which this case seems to be and updated version of. then also make the bone collector cases. All of which you can send with the Marines to Iraq and back and the cases and contents will survive. Minor wear and tear on the cases though. And Jed Keep up the youtube work. Thank you for all you do for the hobby. My daughter will be joining me in this hobby as soon as she grows up a touch more. You videos sparked a good amount of interest in her.
  22. Drafts of bills are not laws. bills get gutted and amended all the time in this state. I have no doubt that the very first draft might have included how many rocks you could have in your pocket for your sling shot too. Fact is it's only law when the Governor signs it. So draft mean as much as a hill of beans. law we have today has seen one and only one amendment and that a ban on possession which has an federal Injunction in place
  23. I bet what happened was someone with SASS had the bright idea to seek clarification with the California DOJ. They have a nasty habit of interpreting laws any way they feel. and someone at the Cal DOJ said it was illegal then a formal request of a letter turned up on the right persons desk and a correction was issued. that usually never happens. Keep in mind lever guns of any capacity were never illegal. The definition of a ammunition feeding device was and has always been a removable feeding device. As with all laws you need to look at what the code says and where it draws its definitions from. A Fixed tube magazine of and capacity was never illegal. They simply included an exemption for 22lrs in the thinking that's the only lever gun around. You need to remember these people that write these laws are dumb as dirt. Oh by the way there was also an exemption on high cap magazine for competition use for non residents that used the mags only at the competition event. Again this only applied to a removable magazine on a semi auto rifle or shotgun. this never effected a lever gun No matter how fast Smokestack can shoot. Although they would say he should be registered as a NFA weapon Now all that said california has some very screwed up gun laws. law that in some cases make zero sense and directly contradict each other. Thankfully we have some good federal judges putting a stop to this crap.
  24. Oh and I can walk you through a VFD or a Rotary phase converter install. i'm a former Factory trained Drivecon technician
  25. What OLG said. I've had one in my shop for close to 20 years
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