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  1. I wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery.
  2. The biggest misnomer in Shiloh rifles was he so called Paper Patch Chamber. a Chamber that had a freebore. That was not a Paper patch chamber. It was IIRC due to the popularity of Grease grove bullets and the need to seat them out farther to gain case capacity on the like of the 45-70 and possibly the 45-90 Paper patch bullets should be (under all but the most extreme circumstances) patched to .001" under bore diameter and no freebore is needed. That so called paper patch chamber was just the opposite. When a paper patched bullet is fired in a freebore chamber the bullet obsturates filling the freebore and will strip the paper jacket from the bullet and now you have an ungreased, ungroved pure lead bullet mucking up the work and each subsequent round just makes it worse. How ever that design got mixed up in the rifles is of no consequence because that was early NY guns. a few guys in the BPCR competitions petitioned Wolfgang to change the chambers. I believe the Montana guns never have a freebored chamber. But I'm not 100% sure. I'm sure OLG knows far more about this than I do. I've just been doing a lot of reading lately and three reloading manuals in have say that a freebored 45 Black powder chamber is not a paper patch chamber. I have a Shiloh in 45-110 and there is no free bore but that stands to reason. It's about a month old at this point.
  3. This is a complement to the thoroughness of the linked PDF. My god that reads like a legal brief. But I'm glad it's that thorough.
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