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  1. Yeah I was referring to loading. In tinkering with it tonight, it only took two more try’s to get it perfect. Now the bolt slides back, the carrier rises and hits nothing on the way and the rounds nearly fall into the chamber by themselves and this is in a muzzle level to up condition. All it needed was just a little more massaging. Thanks pards for the help.
  2. Yeah I was referring to loading. Well I tinker with it this weekend and see what I can do.
  3. Mine just hangs up right as the bolt is near full retract and the carrier is trying to clear the bolt, the case just catches the bottom of the bolt. If i cycle the bolt with a little more authority it works fine but slow it down and it catches. Rifle might have 200 round through it. Time to break it out and play with it some more and maybe file on it to get the timing better. Thanks for the tips.
  4. Ok So you want it to be able to cycle slow and fast. My rifle only cycles fast and hangs up just a touch when cycled slow. I did the timing work and it appears now it needs some more. (learning here) Pioneer gun works full supper short stroke kit and all the reduced springs etc.
  5. It's not Shiloh that bumps you. It's a private individual that has deposits in place. You buy a ticket in line from him not Shiloh. No one is getting bumped ahead of anyone. You just buy a rifle that he has a deposit on. and due to Shiloh's policy you can make a change to the order right up until it goes into production. The deposit was in place for about 18 months in most cases. When you order your rifle from Bill Goodman you pay him a deposit, he places the order on the next rifle he has headed to production and you wait 4-10 months depending on Shiloh's production schedule. Everyone that placed and order 18 months prior is still in the same queue, no one jumped ahead of anyone. Bill Goodman just sold his place in line for a modest fee. Think about what you wrote too. In one paragraph you criticize Shiloh (incorrectly) for allowing people to be bumped then immediately complain about a person's wait of four years to get a rifle?? Let me tell you after Quigley came out in 1990 Shiloh had a four year wait all the way up to about 2005. They still claim 14-18 months but in reality it's more like two years. and that can change at any moment and more so now that the company is up for sale.
  6. Could very well be. I did read that the Shiloh company has been sold a couple times and moved once. From their web site they started their own foundry in 1996 so prior to that they were farming that out. So lets leave it at Shiloh and C Sharps has been around for a while and have had a very mixed relationship
  7. talk to Bill Goodman of Shiloh Ballard, For $200 he bumps about 14 months off the wait. well worth it. the wait ends up being 6-10 months instead of two years.
  8. Well that can't be since C sharps was founded in 1979 and Shiloh was founded in 1983 there's a four year gap
  9. OLG I read in a gun rag that C sharps used to supply raw actions to Shiloh. It could have bee something made up by the writer but i for sure remember that being the case. As for firing a 45-110 no I have no but i regularly shoot a 458 Lott with 500gr DGS bullets doing 2270 fps I don't see a 540 gr paper patched bullet doing 1500 fps being much of a challenge. My Quigley rifle should be completed in November according to Shiloh. I bought my spot in line through Bill Goodman and only have a 10 month wait instead of two years. I already have paper patched bullets from Montana bullets, I have my brass from Norma, and I have a list of load data from Kenny Wasenberger
  10. back in the day Shiloh used to buy their action from C. Sharps. I don't know when Shiloh started to make their own actions. Question is are you going to shoot Black powder or smokeless, as that right there would determine case length for me. If I was shooting smokeless I'd go 45-70 if I was shooting black powder i'd go 45-100 minimum and 45-110 for sure.
  11. You sync the devices over bluetooth. I believe, I get an email with the match pin, download the match over the internet then sync that to my Ipad at the range. no need to do that i just like to have a backup copy on the phone. WIFI is not needed until you upload scores to practiscore I'm not sure on the master device. we've never done that nor does it appear to be needed as all devices can be the master. if you are running more than one wifi enabled device it is highly recommended to get the devices synced to begin the match then turn on airplane mode to avoid issues. that way a device can have it's data corrected before it uploads and screws everyone up.
  12. Doc I can see how it may have seem I was say you'd kick people off for no reason, That was not the intent and I do hope folks here understand what real BS is. Getting into a heated discussion is one thing but belittling and berating is something altogether different. I appreciate that once in a while you do a little house cleaning and let everyone know without naming names that the herd got a little thinner and politely remind everyone the page is a productive environment. Really appreciate the hard work and the sharing of knowledge
  13. Well be enigmatic all you like. That was the question I thought you had asked.
  14. I guess you’ve been away from home too long Phantom. California got its open carry outlawed by a group of idiots pushing the issue. We do have a high population of people that panic if they see a gun. im all for concealed carry. I don’t see the need to advertise, not draw attention to ones self. I wish I could carry concealed legally but my county won’t hand out a CCW unless you donate to the sheriff’s reelection campaign.
  15. I’m a member of that page along with “What’s the call” I have learned quite a bit about the rules and how things are done on that page. And Doc doesn’t tolerate the BS and kicks people off with no hesitation. He runs a tight ship.
  16. I use it simply so I don’t double charge a 45 colt case and have a bad day. It is expensive but it is what it is. I do prefer unique or 231 though.
  17. There are three types of bluing. Slow rust browning/bluing only one additional step to get bluing instead of browning. Hot caustic salts bluing with formulas for steal, cast iron and stainless Yes you can blue stainless just a lot of shops choose not to. Belgian Bluing. kinda like slow rust bluing but with different chemicals. Niter bluing is not really bluing in the sense of a protective layer. It's just a color change due to heat and creates a very thin oxide layer on steel. Cold bluing is crap
  18. I gave them $5000 six month ago I hope I get my rifle.
  19. Like I said, If you spray it on wipe it off followed by a wipe down of oil it would probably be fine. But vinegar will remove bluing. I've never needed anything more than WD40, hot water and dawn soap. what ever works for you.
  20. When I had a C&B gun a few decades ago I used dawn and hot water, tore the whole gun down soaked it, clean it, and re oiled it. I would need to test the use of Windex with vinegar, as vinegar is known to removing bluing. but how long a soak would it take for that to happen?? IDK. Spraying it on and wiping it out can't hurt though. Be advised petroleum based anything is not good with black powder. at least for cleaning and bullet lube. soot turns to road tar and is nasty so stick with water based to clean with then reoil when done.
  21. I own two RL550B's and one thing I can tell you is get a manual. remove everything that is bolted to the frame, clean and lube everything. Then reassemble and properly tighten every fastener. Make your adjustments as per the manual set up guide. and start loading. I use my presses to the point that this is a annual PM i do to the machines. This thing is a machine and if not adjusted and torqued properly it will do strange things. Once adjusted and torqued it will run a very long time with no adjustment needed.
  22. Myself personally I'd either send it off to someone trusted to do a nice color case job, or I'd sit and slow rust blue it myself. Nothing looks better on an old gun then slow rust blue and CCH at least to me
  23. Nics and the state/federal (4473) paper work is the same but different. Nics and state paper work is done on a computer so basically yes California uses the same paper work to register a firearm. This same system also generates a 4473 form. Other states don’t give a damn about recording in a data base who bought what. The feds can’t record who bought what.
  24. Registering as it is known in California is entering the weapon into the state data base Nics is just that a background check on you. Currently it is illegal for the federal government to maintain a record of firearms and owners. Case law I believe
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