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  1. Just like voluntary regulation of anything gun related. the whack job anti gunners and politicians will come after what ever will get them reelected
  2. Yeah there are a lot of so called "do gooders" on this planet that would step on a baby turtle to pick a piece of litter out of the ocean. People need to look at the big picture and do better everyday in every aspect of life. Banning straws will have an effect. About .00001% of an effect but an effect none the less.all while we drown in plastic bottles and fast food trash.
  3. until plastics have a good recycling program in place everywhere we will continue to have plastics in the oceans and land fills. The problem is not the material. It's how it's handled and how it's disposed of. Until that changes nothing is going to happen We shoot lead bullets and shot out of our guns and Plastic is the problem?? like I said It's not the material it's how it's handled.
  4. well just a guess but my 45 colt loads are right about 100 fps faster out of the rifle. I shoot nearly the same load you do. but I use a 180g and a 250g bullet. I shoot 6 grain of trail boss and get 850 FPS out of the rifle with the 180g bullet and just over 750 out of the pistol. Interestingly I get a higher velocity with a heavier bullet out of the rifle and i would attribute that to higher pressure and a cleaner burn
  5. Dillon hardens the funnels. You need a carbide reamer to do it.
  6. What was being offered was a single powder die that would be able to use both the Dillon and the Lyman. no powder die swap, no powder funnel swap. But you have it under control. Have a good one
  7. Well I’m sorry to say that you don’t have the understanding of what I was offering you. You just keep beating the round peg in the square hole.
  8. Something real simple would be an adapter to go from your Lyman 55 to the Dillon powder die. Buy that quick change deal or not and just swap. If you need an adapter made I need to know how your lyman 55 mounts to the drop tube or press. I could make you a funnel that would sit inside the Dillon die and attach to your powder measure. that would solve all your problems. or if the thread were large enough on the lyman hopper I could make you a internally threaded Dillon powder die that you could use for both if the fit is correct. need to see what the threads are on the lyman 55 mount.
  9. I own two Mernickel rigs One was bought a few years back and is my Wild bunch rig and the other is my double strong side rig made just a few months ago. Very good quality work and great prices
  10. Swapping dies and setting up the powder measure is not the hard. Adjusting the bell can be time consuming but not tough nor frustrating. the first thing I do is get the sizing die set up then I drop in the powder die and funnel and set the powder measure on top, install the clamp but only start the threads on the screws. This allows you to spin the powder die up or down to adjust the bell. once that is set i snug the lock nut then I set the bullet seating depth right after I confirm the powder charge. takes me about 20-30 minutes to swap a caliber, an hour if I have to swap primer sizes. That said I have two 550B's bolted to the bench one set up of large primers and one set up for small. I also have about 24 tool heads and three powder measure that I swap around.
  11. If you've never called them and asked for help never know how good they are at their job.
  12. Yep. stop swapping crap out and just buy a new tool head A 550B is a production tool, not a single stage. yes it's a pain to set up, but that's once. I've got 24 tool heads that are swapped between two machines, an accumulation over the last 30 years. yes it's expensive, yes it time consuming to set up. All production machines are. Buy and extra tool head and all the extra parts needed and stop swapping parts
  13. if it was deleted it was deleted for a reason. I don't see to much of that going on. posts threads move up and down the board as other threads take the top spot and push everything else down. you can always save the thread to a reading list on the computer or they may have a subscribe feature you can use.
  14. Yeah I was referring to loading. In tinkering with it tonight, it only took two more try’s to get it perfect. Now the bolt slides back, the carrier rises and hits nothing on the way and the rounds nearly fall into the chamber by themselves and this is in a muzzle level to up condition. All it needed was just a little more massaging. Thanks pards for the help.
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