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  1. In my experience new brass tends to be “too clean” and requires a good amount of lube. Ive had this happen with new rifle brass too. 15:1 liquid lanolin and >90% alcohol mix works wonders.
  2. I don’t see how. Patents are only good for 17- 20 some years. And a loading gate has been installed on many other rifles. Granted you can sue in this country for any darn thing. Whether it will hold up in court is another thing.
  3. Wolf primers are becoming a more popular component in LR benchrest and F Class so if these finicky guys are using them they have to be good
  4. I have a full set of prints for the 22lr Gatling gun. 1/4 scale I believe. Thats a future project
  5. thats the biggest mistake I see people make. expensive gun to buy and yet didn't even take into consideration it was going to cost more to feed it then buy it.
  6. When is CAS or SASS going to have a gatling gun stage.??
  7. All this said. It's a good reason to have a kit of springs laying around. I've got a few small boxes of various springs, not to mention the stuff that I have set up for specific guns in kits it's would not be hard to replace a missing spring with something that will work. And yes I can see a lighter hammer spring not having the umph on some guns to get past the firing pin spring and properly fire off a round. That coil spring kit from Pioneer is light. so light I was wondering if the rifle would fire. So far no mis fires. and I've put close to 200 through the rifle so far. As for not cleaning..... Well all my firearms (Except the two AK's I have) get a complete detail strip and cleaning once a year or every 1500-2000 rounds depending on use. If the gun has not been used in a few years and only has a few hundred rounds since last cleaning I don't worry about it. Now you may ask how do i Know round count? Am I just guessing? And I ask you Don't you have a round count log book? I keep a running log on all my guns I desire to keep track of. Which right now is only five of the twenty eight firearms I own. and these are my competition firearms.
  8. I’ve two Mauser’s an 1891 and a 1898 but that’s as close to anything genuine of the time period.
  9. You need to get ahold of the smith and have him ship you a new spring. I understand that that everyone makes mistakes but you always function check a weapon before it goes out the customer. in any event that’s on him. And he needs to square up with you on that.
  10. This guy gets the patience of the year award, or is it two years now?? anyway better man than I am. I think you are giving him every chance to make good while also to hang him self. The choice is his. Let’s see if he pulls through
  11. I had no intention to ever shoot CAS. I just wanted a twin gun rig. Now im gearing up to shoot a match.
  12. The trigger pull as in take up and break is not bad it’s just heavy as hell. A simple fix that will get you a far lower weight is to just bend the spring legs a bit and decrease the preload. Trigger pull on my gun is now down to about 4 pounds. not great but it’s far better than it was and I don’t like shotguns with really light triggers anyway. The only other thing thing you can do is pull the triggers out and start honing sear surfaces. I don’t recommend that unless you really know what you’re doing as you can ruin parts real quick and you can make the gun unsafe. You can really improve the feel just by reducing the preload on the springs
  13. Ruger could have went with Midnight blue. It can be slightly glossy more or a matt or satin finish but very close in color to hot salts blue.
  14. Now we're getting really long winded. But how'd you guess I was a B'tard? mom and dad didn't get hitched till I was 10.
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