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  1. This is a complement to the thoroughness of the linked PDF. My god that reads like a legal brief. But I'm glad it's that thorough.
  2. Anything marketed as a gun oil (other than one i'll mention below) is marked up about 2000% and ain't worth much more than 3 in one oil. I use Turbine oil. otherwise known as spindle oil or even compressor oil. The stuff runs about $15 per gallon. it's has a few properties I like, it's thin, ISO vg 22 or thinner. It takes a Minnesota winter to get the stuff to thicken up. It contains anti oxidants to prevent corrosion, and it will not thicken much over time. the other oil marketed as a gun oil that I fully endorse is Geissele go juice. buy a bottle of each oil and grease and give it a try.
  3. Sorry OLG no not for a case that is six years old. I watched the Enbanc hearing and the judges were spoon feeding the attorneys, Statements of If you could bring use a situation like this or that, or if you were to argue the situation under these conditions. All I can say is watch the days of EnBanc hearings and you'll see.
  4. they also have a distinct sound and rhythm when cocked fast and anything other than four clicks sounds odd. even on a Uberti
  5. Most of the pro gun attorneys in California are idiots they don't fight the law on simple terms in a lot of cases but simply try to use constitutionality as the basis for the compliant. It usually fails. If they would just just fight it on simpler term and stop trying to get a good enough case for SCOTUS. we might be able to get laws over turned at the lower level. We lost Paruta due to mishandling of the arguments and the judges were spoon feeding the attorneys the question and arguments they wanted to hear to rule in favor of the plaintiff and they still didn't get the hint.
  6. Thank you sir for the cooperation and patients. Spur straps showed up last night. Beautiful. thank you
  7. Less the one third of my firearms the state knows about. I bought a lot of stuff before registration was required and before computerized systems.
  8. you could since the powder measure is all zink and aluminum cast bits. no chance of spark. Dillon will tell you don't do it. There is a die that will replace the powder die that uses a funnel and you can hand dip your powder too. it's all up to you though. Myself since i'll be loading 45-110 need to do too many operations too much powder and too tall of a cartridge. so I'm going to single stage it.
  9. I'm not even sure California want to try and bight that one off. I'd drown them in paper work
  10. I fat fingered that one should have read they can not
  11. I'll put it to you this way. I need another safe,
  12. They can't and it's specifically cited in code. The gentleman's statement is incorrect. And this is what happens with California gun laws far to much confusion and conjecture
  13. You've been hanging out at turners haven't you?? That is patently false. you do not need to have a firearm of record in the system to buy ammuntion. and I quote If I don’t have a firearm recorded in my name, can I still purchase ammunition? Yes. Certificate of Eligibility validations and Basic Ammunition Eligibility Checks (single transaction or purchase) may be completed without having a firearm recorded in the Automated Firearm System. (Pen. Code, § 30370, Cal. Code of Reg., tit. 11 §§ 4303, 4305.) If you have been rejected but have had no previous issues buying a firearm, it's most likely someone fat fingered your application and you have mismatched information on your documents and application. or the system just fouled up.
  14. I have a 45 colt Uberti 1873 with and Octagonal barrel and my brass lands on my hat or at my feet.
  15. I agree. the Stoeger is what it is and when I can afford it I'll be replacing my coach gun with an SKB, buy once cry once. That said and about fixing stuff I just shelled out $3300 to the dealer to fix a bunch of minor to significant stuff on my truck. I have no desire to drop a fuel tank or crawl under it to change fluids in all the gear boxes. I figure, yeah expensive, but I'm not beat up and sore. I have nothing to prove to anyone.
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