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  1. I inherited one from my Dad. Massively illegal in the PRoK
  2. #1 nurse is now 4 days getting her ass kicked from the Pfizer booster. 103.2 for three days, subsiding now. She is done with getting boosters. Food for thought: Illegals and indigents use the emergency room for medical care, because they cannot be turned away. Even though they cannot pay, they receive care. Everybody who enters the ER is tested for covid. If positive, they now have "covid" on their admission forms. And... the hospital gets some $13,000 from the gov't where they would otherwise collect nothing from the indigent. The news services are already writing stories about NY hospitals are 50% inflated as to true covid cases vs "infected with covid" but not hospitalized for it. Cui bono... follow the money
  3. The elder of my two nurse daughters got the Pfizer booster yesterday. It kicked her ass to the curb.. 103.5 fever, awful sick. This is her 2nd covid infection, both from her hospital. Covid is making the rounds through her staff again.. she thinks it is airborne now, rather than droplet transmitted.
  4. In today's market, I agree with the above. For starters, "they don' make 'em no mo"... same as beach front property. I have the same as above, but in 44 mag. My understanding is Ruger only made some 4400 of mine over the entire product line life. If'n you want 'em... you pony up for 'em. In today's market I see the above as a fair price.
  5. I fully understand the initial thought.... I had a large herd of custom made electric basses... but only played 1 regularly. Basses are not FFL restricted devices, so I sold them all off. On the flip side, I'm not a game hunter but I did add a nice Weatherby 30-06 Accuguard to my safe. For "just in case" when firearms can no longer be found (today) or when they are banned from future sale. Once paid off, it costs nothing to hold it.
  6. Indeed. The XTP are limited to around 1800~1900 fps according to Hornady. FTX Rifle (boat tail) range is around 1600~2500 fps. FTX handgun (flat base) top out under 1900 fps.
  7. I noticed that, so I ran a bunch of numbers through the Berger twist calculator. I'm wondering if a faster spin rate is detrimental to lead bullets. The Hornady #44100 200gr XTP at 2297 fps likes the 1:38 better. The stability factor is 2.15 in 1:38 It is 7.44 in 1:20 which is over spun, but considered stable by Berger. I looked at the Hornady #4300 200 gr Interlock flat point. 1:20 spins this with a stability factor of 7.44 at 2021 fps. 1:38 spins it at 2.04 My understanding for the stability factor is 1.50 < SF > 2.00 for military use. Berger shows any SF > 1.40 as "stable" I have a big stock of .430 HiTek lead bullets that would work well in the 444. There are a number of plinking loads with AA5744 or SW Buffalo Rifle (same powder) for reduced loads. I have the Hornady #11 load data for 265 gr FTX, but have not run the numbers yet. [ edit ] The FTX 265 gr bullet is unacceptable in 1:38 twist, as it won't stabilize at all. Since the #4300 is now out of production, and FTX is the preferred choice, then 1:20 is the preferred twist. I looked over the rifle, liked everything except the very short capacity magazine.
  8. I'm just curious.... I'm well stocked in this caliber of bullets, both lead and jacketed. On the surface, this seems to make a bit more sense than trying to stock for 0.458 which I don't otherwise shoot at all. I'm interested in the later model Ballard rifling style (1:20 twist) that works well with my bullet stock and powders. I doubt Ruger will produce this one anytime soon, as the 45-70 dominates that market.
  9. Isn't Beth Dutton the one on Yellowstone with the ..er ...uh large tracts of land occasionally on display?
  10. There is a sweet smell the LEOs look for.
  11. That is a cold morning during the summer in Sacramento...
  12. Many years ago when #4 was a small kid, we went to the movies in Colorado Springs. We snuck in a big bag of popcorn under my jacket. Before the lights went down, the kid (in a very loud voice), "Dad, when you gonna take that popcorn out from your jacket?"
  13. I looked at the 1:20 twist, appears to put lots of spin on every load from 250 to 500 grains. The Miller Stability factor is 3.82 and higher. The military looks for 1.5 to 2.0 as their sweet spot, but anything above this is considered fully stable.
  14. I am looking forward to all these new problems when my first iPhone arrives this week.
  15. Lead Therapy™, self-administered, IIRC.
  16. I'm confused. 45-70 is called a tapered cartridge, with 0.5039" base and 0.4800" neck. 450 Bushmaster is 0.5000" base and 0.4800" neck. Both are straight wall, both appear to be tapered. Some writers call the Bushmaster "no taper" other writers call them "tapered", but both are straight wall (non-bottleneck). I have no dog in the fight.. just curious. If'n I was going to pick one, it would be the 45-70, cuz I have zero interest in AR type rifles. 45-70 brass is far more available, and there is a huge number of published loads for this as well.
  17. I'm surprised at 25C... would thought you to be warmer in the middle of your summer. Or does your close proximity to the coast keep you cooler?
  18. I find watching the commercials with the sound on mute, to be very informative. This lets you read the body language easier. To reference Zork... the audience must have the collective intelligence of an unripe grapefruit.
  19. Allie was one of our mentors when we joined SASS. She was most gracious and kind, and will be sorely missed.
  20. A five minute conversation with the typical doctor or lawyer will confirm that 50% of them graduate in the bottom half of their class.
  21. Giving insulin to a diabetic in hypoglycemia will kill them. because it drives low blood sugar even lower. I believe you meant to say "hyperglycemic" which is when the blood has too much glucose. Humalog is the fastest acting insulin in my scope of experience, and takes 2+ hours to be effective. I am a labile (read: brittle) diabetic, and intimately familiar with OD'ing on insulin and winding up hypoglycemic. The fastest possible method of reversing this and raising blood sugar is chewing sugar tabs and keeping the saliva under the tongue. This is the same entry point for nitro with those having severe angina. A sugar crash feels like 20 cups of Starbux full strength coffee. You shake, sweat, feel highly over caffeinated. When it gets too low, you pass out, then you die. If you have a vehicle incident, and the EMTs or cops test and find you are hypoglycemic at the time, you will most likely lose your license.
  22. After growing up in ID, then moving to CA in my teens... I had forgotten what "cold" was all about. Then we moved to CO, and I was reminded. Here in the PRoK it was 23 at sunup, 2nd day in a row. I can only imagine what it is in the winter states.
  23. Very true. However, unless you are offering it for sale... "they" never know about it. My Dad's slide rule from Annapolis, 1937 is ivory. No doubt illegal as above, but I have no plans to put it up for sale.
  24. "She said she was eighteen"
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