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  1. Me too... grew up in Marin. I figure it is mostly closed up now.
  2. TN, the angiogram is the definitive test to show blockages. Multiple EKGs, multiple stress echo were all clear for me, then I had the big slammer. They prefer doing an angio in the right arm instead of the groin, because less danger, less infection and faster healing. Last January, they gave me two stents, and left three other blockages untreated because "too dangerous". These lasted six months before they scabbed over, closed down and put me back on Nitro pills to walk more than 20 steps. Doc says the metal stent can irritate the organic artery during each pump cycle, causing it to scab. Stents are like Band-Aids... they work for some people, don't work for others (me). When the stents failed, I got a 2nd angio and afterward an immediate schedule for 4x bypass. If CABG is in your future, feel free to reach out and I will answer any question to want to ask. There is a whole lot the docs won't tell you about recovery and how to protect that sawed-apart sternum. My #2 daughter (RN) just checked into the ER with a possible heart attack. EKG is clear, but no further news, and she is now admitted to a room.
  3. 43 years for us, but it took me three strikes (and two for her) before we hit that home run. I had to go from CA all the way to Western NY to find her, but I got lucky and struck gold.
  4. I love to hear stories about how honest country folk get along with the trappings of civilization... Yesterday, one of the mechanics video'd an erupting toilet in the shop rest room. The county had one of their sucker trucks working the alley, and it caused a geyer in the toilet. "Lookee that... the boss installed a bidet."
  5. I wonder if they did this (owned by Oz) to avoid persecution by leftist American politicians.
  6. My Dad had a certificate from the Confederate Air Force. That article was 2015, but shows that Stupid and Racist are both timeless. Here in Sacramento, we are happy to be rid of her.
  7. I understand Biden got trapped on a stalled escalator, and the Secret Service had to rescue him. And... Biden controls the Launch Codes...
  8. Lauren Hammond here in Sacramento is another brainless one. She is the poster child for avoiding public school education. https://www.foxnews.com/story/tongue-tied-no-genders-no-christmas-no-eagles-no-cartoons
  9. Q: What costs $3 million and slides down a hill? A: A house in Sausalito
  10. I remember the mud floods in San Anselmo and Kentfield, where they were water skiing on the college football field. The Army Corps of Engineers finally rectified that section of Marin County that was causing all the flood backup. I was in my teens at the time, but I remember it rained over a month continuously. Same as in San Diego, the smart locals don't go into the water after a big storm, due to all the effluent that washes down into the ocean for 72 hours. Here in Sacramento, the effluent washes down to San Francisco, where it mixes with the effluent on the sidewalks and streets. What we are seeing here now, is the return of a normal winter.
  11. That's cuz you are in WV. Here in CA, $45.70 would be fine... here it is closer to $375 H&H (come hell or high water). Last week breakfast at Dennys was $37 with tip. $27 for the two of us getting a #2 at Carls Jr. The best date yet is the $1.50 hot dog at Costco...
  12. Waters is living proof the only qualification to be a politician is having an IQ of that of an unripe grapefruit.
  13. My cardiologist insisted I ride the back seat to avoid airbags for the first three months after CABG. He said a ruptured sternum would be catastrophic at best. I can only imagine the damage an explosive air bag would do...
  14. That is easier to live with, than setting the alarm for 2:23
  15. When we lived in Petaluma, we would go up to Santa Rose once a year to the gun stock plant. They had mountains of dunnage, all hardwood in tidy rectangle blocks. The kids would neatly stack it in the pickup bed to maximize our haul. This was superb firewood for about the same price as you mention. We left in '88, so I expect that plant and dunnage is now just a part of history.
  16. Home Depot is a splendid source for expensive firewood.
  17. The OP is in IL... same state where the Guv just banned semi-autos.
  18. Moonbeam sold off all the state owned beltways around Sacramento, and replaced them with house. Traffic is snarled here with all the growth. "Oh honey... you're home early... it's only May"
  19. I take Plavix forever now, along with a 325 aspirin, and carvedilol and lipitor. I get a blood blister from as little as excitedly throwing the bird at the latest news article. I bruise constantly now. My glucose is easy to control: eat NO carbs whatsoever. Works great.
  20. I'm surprised... Hunter Biden lives in that very same house with Joe's Corvette and all those classified documents safely stored with the 'Vette in the garage.
  21. The same thing to the disarmed 100 million that Mao Tse Tung starved and killed.
  22. This is my same story, but with Boise ID. Change "Sonoma County" to "Ada County" and the story is exactly the same. We also lived in Sonoma County, but left in '88 for CO. We would have stayed in CO but for the aerospace industry going flat and getting sold off, so back to CA we went to a waiting job.
  23. Prices will never go down. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a new beach house in San Diego for $14,000 or a new Chevy for $2700, a box of fifty 22LR cartridges for $0.50, or gasoline at $0.17 per gallon. These were real prices in my life time, and will never come back again.
  24. Kinda Ford vs Chevy in a way. I always thought the Chevy to be more handsome, but would buy the Ford over the Chevy, for sturdy construction and reliability. Same for the Smith... which is why I own all Rugers.
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