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  1. Thanks, Pat! Here's another (1985 Low Rider) in my garage that belonged to my military brother who passed back in '07. I did the burnout in the bar he managed during his memorial! I'm really not a Harley snob. I like em all, but prefer to ride these!! Better suited to my short legs!! jim
  2. It's my mid life crisis bike!! 1975 Super Glide with a 'few' modifications built by me. But when I want to get serious and cross state lines and such, it's the 05 Road King that gets saddled up. jim
  3. This link is where I found the most useful information when I wanted to learn more about it. https://www.muzzleloadingforum.com/ I had just bought a couple Plains rifles and didn't know squat. They have a pistol section also. Good luck!! jim
  4. Thanks for the replies!! I'll give Pioneer Gun works a call and see if they are interested. I'm trying to keep it local but the guy in Nebraska sounds good if Pioneer don't work out. BTW, any recommendations for tutorials on how to disassemble one of these for a good cleaning? I should do that before I pass it along so I dont hand a guy a dirty as hell gun!! jim
  5. A friend of mine just bought a Winchester 1873 made in 1882. It definitely needs some work that goes beyond a good cleaning. So I told him I'd ask here about finding a good gunsmith.. Thanks in advance!! jim
  6. Just powder. I t was too hard to keep the charges together with a ball attached. Especially when I was trying to dig one out of my pouch. But I was using the thinnest Zig Zag papers I could find. jim
  7. I never shot competitively, but I also made paper charges using cigarette papers for my navy colts. Never had a FTF. I made em while watching TV as others seem to do. BTW, I used an ink pen (slightly smaller than the cylinder bore) to roll the papers around first. Then used my flask to fill em and twisted the ends and trimmed the extra off. jim
  8. The rain quit and I had a fun day at the range! Man that '73 Winchester is slick!! Love it!! I shot several loads using Unique, 2400, Trail Boss and some factory HSM Cowboy Action ammo. I chrono'd all of them thru my rifle but not the Colt. Out of all of them 2400 and Trail Boss were the best performers in regards to accuracy and recoil. I still have some more experimenting to do but it's a start!! I can post the data from the chronograph results if anyone is interested. I really appreciate all the help I got from everyone on this!! jim
  9. I'm still waiting for the rain to quit so I can get my chrono out and try out my new guns and loads. It's at least a 45 minute drive to get to the range so I always plan on spending at least 4 or 5 hours when I go to make it worth the gas. jim
  10. The .442" ball did the trick! The bore on my new Miroku Winchester is .429". The bore on my 3rd Gen Colt was also .429" and the end (or throat) of the cylinder was .430. I was expecting alot of hammering but after it was in about 1/2" it fell thru till it got to the throat, then a gentle push with the cleaning rod got it out. I put a piece of wood on the ball and tapped it with a small hammer till the ball was flush then used my aluminum cleaning rod after that. On the Colt, I hammered it the same way to start then pushed the ball thru (the ball didn't fall thru like the rifle did). So a .430" lead bullet would work? Assuming it will fit in the throat of the rifle. Thanks for the ideas!! jim
  11. I see your test barrel averaged 7,224 PSI. What would that be in CUP? If I remember, your Big Lube bullets are .427"? Did you measure the pressure with the larger and softer bullets? Having a test barrel must be a blast (pun intended)! So many different combinations of powder, crimp, bullet size and hardness, OAL to play with!! Still haven't made it to the range yet. It was flooded last week and I dont go on weekends, so hopefully this coming week I'll make it out there. I searched in all my stash's and couldn't find a pure lead ball the right size to slug the bores on my new guns. The smallest I found is a .442" so I'll hafta make a run to my local blackpowder shooter supply store and look for .430" give or take. Thanks again, Jack for all the information!! jim
  12. Still raining so I'll give that a try today! jim
  13. Not trying to hyjack this thread but yes, please do post your method of slugging! I have hesitated to slug mine also. jim
  14. I do tend to over think stuff and sweat the small details to a point. I have just ordered some .428 LRNFP with a BHN of 10-12. So I will compare them to the BHN 16's I have already loaded for speed difference, accuracy and leading. I plan to load with velocities around 800 with pistol and 1000 with the rifle with just one recipe. I dont want to have loads for rifle only and loads for pistol only! That is unless I pick up another rifle in a stronger action! I haven't read all the rules of the game yet so I don't know about max velocities, caliber, bullet type, etc. yet. There is an 'Old West' club at my gun range but I don't know if they are SASS affiliated. When I finally go to one of their events, I'm sure I'll learn all the rules rather quickly!! jim
  15. Thanks again, Driftwood and Jack! Sounds like if I'm going to use lead bullets, I need to slug the bores and chambers of the Winchester and Colt. That will take alot of guess work out of it and I'll know what is correct. Then check on buying softer lead than what I'm using. Save what I have left in case I get a '92 or similar stronger action. The copper plated bullets I'm using are from Rainier (not sure if they make em in 44-40 range). I like them because you dont need to use lube and they are softer than FMJ and fairly cheap. No crimp groove in them either, but it's soft enough you make one as you crimp. They claim they are good for up to 1200 fps. After that the plating may start peeling from the pressure. Accuracy is good tho not as good as lead, but I can still hit a pie plate with my 1911 at 25 yards with them. Not great by most standards but good enough for me!! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to explain everything to me!! jim
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