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  1. Yuper...been told if him Yup I just need the two hours for the round trip out there lol
  2. unfortunately as for me i will be shootin' cowboy classic and it requires ext. hammers. i invested time into research and repurposing clothing to be 1870-1910 or there about and would hate to not shoot CC... one day though ill stick to my Rossi stagecoach i bought in the mid 90's
  3. I shop goodwill and I repurpose the clothing into something different tskes a bit of hand sewing on some but cheap find a nice striped shirt. Remove collar and sewn that part so it doesn’t get frayed. Boom! Banded collar :-) look for striped non pleat suit pants... higher end will usually already have suspended buttons Frye makes a great “campus” boot almost looks like a artillery boot with a high stove pipe stack. Usually find these for about 80.00 on eBay
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