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  1. If. Open on Saturday I’ll take a trip out to Dillon to check out the square deal reloader yes I will most likely be taking a trip out to camp verde. I messaged him through the app but I think I’ll call as well
  2. I shop goodwill and I repurpose the clothing into something different tskes a bit of hand sewing on some but cheap find a nice striped shirt. Remove collar and sewn that part so it doesn’t get frayed. Boom! Banded collar :-) look for striped non pleat suit pants... higher end will usually already have suspended buttons Frye makes a great “campus” boot almost looks like a artillery boot with a high stove pipe stack. Usually find these for about 80.00 on eBay
  3. Well seems like a great price but the shipping charge and the a transfer fee or ffl fee would just raise it to a price That id be able to buy locally ... however I just bought one and was looking for a match... too bad I can’t pick it up or I’d get it but I’m in Arizona. Good luck
  4. I can try, but I don’t get out of class till 1pm but I can only try... if they are still there! Thanks
  5. Well I must say it’s a bit of a drive over 2 hours one way... unfortunately i have a 4 cylinder motor in a mini van with 175, 000 mile on it. That type of trip may be more than my poor van can handle. It would have to be a day trip out there instead of just a visit but it I’m not giving up. I sure would like to get out of the city here for a bit
  6. Ditto on pics thank you
  7. I’ve heard your name in many circles... I think it will be necessary to head out there see what you have... thanks
  8. I appreciate all the input for a new pistol and thank you for all who have contacted me. I really am grateful for Rattlesnake slim for the offer of a great pistol Keep in touch and remember this is an amazing sport to get in touch with those of like mind and fun as well Ill keep you all informed if I find a SxS....if you have one let me know Take care ya'll
  9. Yes I’m a newbie o get that 38 special is the way to go, keeps sight on point and just a sweet smmooooth shooting round, cheaper too but I’m getting in for fun right now not comp. I really am just the good ol 45 kinda guy Next week I’m signing up for SASS and hopefully a local club soon thereafter i have so far obtained information on reloading 45 ammo. Heading to the crossroads of the west for inexpensive loading equipment or from a local sass member... (rather pay my funds to sass members) i have holster belt and two El Paso holsters i only have one cimmaron 45 for now Looking for another... doesn’t have to have action job like this. I have a yellow boy looking to purchase from local memeber if possible face to face at meet or wherever I ll need another 45 pistol and a external hammer SxS as my first choice for cowboy classic but willing to think and look at internal hammer one thank you for the input and considerstion
  10. I’m confused that someone if “off point” basically the foundation of the term itself ... duelist. That’s what it is . In the day you had yourself and the opponent and your seconds etc and they produced a pistol. Albeit one shot . But duelist. Hence one pistol one hand. I don’t ever remember seeing any painting or drawing with someone doing a duel with a pistol in each hand. Just my thinking I may be wrong its also went back to culture and chivalric rules and how only nores of rsnknwere allowed . Etc thsnks for letting me be incredibly boring you gals and guys are good people
  11. Wow... good price! I really have to keep my eyes open in the future.
  12. I really do like chocolate... a lot!
  13. Update to the pistol and my intentions to be an sass member ok the pistol is a 2003 Uberti Cimmaron 1873 clone ( it has a P in front on the serial number) antique finish... is it worth the 400.00 . I’m still debating won’t know till I shoot it... I will be heading to the Rio Salado range to witness a meet first hand. I’ve been told it would be even better to already have my membership to sass first but that’s where the issue comes in. Its not the cost cost of guns really but the involvement... real honest involvement like the people I see here who have dang good ol passion. I do have that yes... but it’s the investment of time and the passion to be a real trooper for events and meets and shooting etc. and yes it is a bit cost prohibitive right now. But I’m not giving up i know what I want I know what to buy I know want to do and how... it’s putting it into perspective to have it fall on place keep you up to date... when I join your know my number and my alias
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