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  1. Hi I'm curious about the bootleg /T series 1887. so I can't find anywhere in the handbook about shotgun barrel/stock lengths are outlawed so is a mares leg style 1887 shotgun is legal for sass? Does any body know if these configurations are legal or not?
  2. My main reason for wanting a cheaper shotgun is my mom dad and 3 brothers joined sass Sunday at the nra convention after watching my first match that was on Saturday so now they need guns and my 55 year old mother can't handle twelve gauge so I can let her use my 20 gauge shotgun, and I'll buy another shotgun so there will be enough so nobody has to wait for another at the loading table.
  3. I bought the century arms double barrel and I quickly found that It wasn't really a good shotgun for anything but target shooting.
  4. Huh the sign they had at the said 500 but I the website says 1500 so maybe they had something wrong with the sign at the gun show? Or maybe I didn't read it right. The century arms is looking better all the time.
  5. Hey y'all I was at the nra convention and checked out a cimarron 1887 lever action shotgun for a tad under $500 a century arms Chinese made 1887 was under $400 the action on the cimarron felt much much smoother, I can't find any reviews about the cimarron. Does anyone have this shotgun? How does it preform?
  6. Yes this is exactly what he practices. So he's good to do this duelist? Or gunfighter? He has a Charlie prince rig from 3:10 to Yuma.
  7. He usually practices a cavalry draw but I was under the impression this was illegal?
  8. Ok I think that answered my questions thank you so much everybody
  9. The cant is good but I'm not following the opposite hip thing so he would have to have each crossdraw on further back on each hip and draw one then the other? or are you saying flip them around to strong side with a rearward cant?
  10. Hey y'all my brother is interested in sass he already has two revolvers and holsters the holsters are a left handed cross draw and a right handed cross draw. Can he shoot gunfighter? If not what style must he shoot? Thanks
  11. Ah ok so until it gets a little bigger I'd have to go with cmsa.
  12. Ok I thought that sass had mounted shoots as well or am I mistaken?
  13. So is this sass sanctioned, or a separate ordeal?
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