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  1. I think this is a smart play by Ruger, and they will sell in bunches. I have bearcats for the kids, but this will be a nice step up in size. Definitely more utilitarian than my Single Sixes, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Can't wait to try one out and see what "distributor exclusives" they come out with.
  2. I bought an 1894 in 45 last month. Beautiful fit and finish on it, functions flawlessly. Did some spring changes and it feels real good now! Great rifle for the money.
  3. That is excessive. I would have wanted my property back. I also wouldn't send my gun to sit with someone if they have no intention to look at them for 6 months. I've run across this a few times and went elsewhere. You have some serious patience waiting this long!
  4. Such a tremendous loss of history and art. Very sad to see.
  5. Got it back out of the box. It is 4 clicks. Definitely not the new pin.
  6. Been a Ruger guy my whole life, but picked up my Taylor Smoke Wagon Deluxe (in 45 of course) with a 5.5in bbl. Holy cow what a smooth action and trigger pull. Crazy light and crisp! Really digging the hammer mounted firing pin. Some questions I have. I know with these clones there is a history of going from 4 clicks to 3. This one has 4. When did this happen? Is it model specific? Was glad it came with a hammer mounted firing pin and not the new system. Did Uberti convert all of their models over to this or are the distributors still having a say? Or did I just get lucky? Plan to throw some lead this weekend with it, but fit, finish, action, etc are all better than any of my Rugers. Will get some pics and range report in a few days!
  7. Sounds like Marshmallow. What's more terrifying that the Stay Pufft man from Ghostbusters?
  8. My dealer responded to me this morning and is going to take these back and work it out with Ruger for me. I have a pair of Smoke Wagons on the way, and with this refund will be looking at the Evil Roys really hard.
  9. I was working with Ruger to do this without sending the guns in and do a grip frame swap instead. In the process, I tried loading some rounds into them. Gun #1 there are no issues. Gun #2, rounds will load into the cylinder when it is out of the frame, but will not while it is in the frame. It appears something is off. Super disappointed in these guns. I have two Smoke Wagons on order right now while I work through these issues. I tried my reloads and hornady factory rounds.
  10. I am with you. I have been buying guns for 15 years. Dozens of Rugers in my collection. Only one before this with an issue was a release day Ruger SR9 that had to have a safety recall. They through in extra mags for my trouble.
  11. Yeah it’s worrisome. But they are handling it.
  12. Confirmed from Ruger shipped Feb 2019. Brand new.
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