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  1. I hear from my co-workers often that they want more money, if they are working and not part of the group getting paid not to work.  Here in Oregon,  average cigarette pack of 20 is $8.00.  If you get insurance from your employer than you pay higher rates, average $10-25 per week as a higher risk client.  So if ya burn through 3 packs a week you are giving up about a dollar an hour in a 40 hour week.  Sometimes ya can't see the paycheck through the smoke.  :rolleyes:

  2. Keep in mind that your tumbler rotates in the opposite direction of us and against the rotation of the earth therefore more friction equals slower rate.  THAT MAKES SENSE   :rolleyes:


    Boy, I have to get another life. :)


    Oh, wait, you have a tumbler not a twister, never mind. Just orientate it north/south. :unsure:

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  3. How they make things, how they install things, who installs things and what they get paid is not the same anymore, has not been for some time.

    I lived in a house with 2 bathrooms built in 1936 for 26 years and it had an original Kohler toilet that worked great. No stains or clogs, just replaced the tank parts twice.  Kohler still made the parts!  The other toilet was replaced with modern, low flush and needed replacement twice, once in 1989 when we moved in and 2005 when the toilet got so badly stained and leaked at the tank/bowl connection.  Working in the home improvement industry for 30+ years and doing many old house repairs/improvements I have come to realize that products are not made to the same high standard as in the past unless you are willing to pay the price. I never buy cheap, not worth it.  Look at the firearms you use.  Cheap does not last.  Labor and the work ethic has eroded substantially in the past few decades. If I do not do the work myself I always hire an installer direct, NEVER through a third party, too many hands in the pot.  Their reputation is on the line and will work with you.  Stay local, stay small, stay with quality! 

    Just my 2 cents.  Caladisi Kid  :)

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  4. Interesting story, a Cowboy in South Carolina is shipping a long Gun and 2 pistols to my FFL in Oregon via UPS.  Yesterday, Monday, he packed and shipped them, long gun, $20.00, 7-10 days delivery. Pistols, $160.00, next day delivery.  18 hours later, Tuesday, the UPS driver delivers the pistol pkg. to him to verify the shipping address. :o   I may get it someday. :rolleyes:   Gotta love the people working (?) for the delivery services these days. My 2 bits.

  5. Your Guide To Cowboy Boot Heel Types | Blog | Western Boot Barnlots

    Lots of heels type. Yours are flat for walking, roper style,  and no spur shelf, 1/8 - 3/16" of the heel extended to hold the spur and not have it slide to the ground.  The yoke of the spur, the "Y", needs to fit your boot so your heel is not pinched. It is uncomfortable and can cause blisters if not fitted right.  Along with your spur straps there should be a chain strap under the boot in the instep. The need for that is to keep the rowels up, notice how most of the cowboy heel sides are sloped, that helps keep the rowels from dragging.  Have fun, get crazy and listen to them jangles!  Music to my ears!:)

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