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  1. It may be possible to fool the truck into thinking there is a trailer by putting a resistor between the ground and one of the power points something in the range of 1 megohm would possibly work, my bet is there is someone on line who has had the exact problem and found a solution, try looking at one of the ford forums 

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  2. I’m going to go with the vodka/stupidity, we rupture gas and oil lines here in the US every year and we’re Not in the middle of a war, I wouldn’t be the least surprised to find the guys who used to run the system got shipped off to war and the guys running it now really don’t have much of a clue, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for something to happen

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  3. I don’t have a problem with someone shooting an aggressive dog in the woods “if that was the case” but to skin the dog and brag to her boyfriend about the WOLF she shot proves she is not capable of identifying her target/ wild life and should have her license revoked until she can pass a NRA hunters safety course or the next time she may be shooting a bear that turns out to be a black angus or horse

  4. I use a Mec650; it’s not a progressive but it does 6 operations every stroke and once your used to it you can reload a lot of shells quickly.

    I use #6 shot mainly because it’s easy to get a little hole in the end of the shell and if I use 6 shot it won’t leak out the hole, if you happen to have a 7.5 or 8 shot dribble into the action of your 97 while your loading it can REALLY jam things up

    I use Clays or Red Dot, both work really well and you can replicate Winchester lites easily

    I use AA hulls mainly because I shoot a double and they shuck easier, STS work just as well but are harder to come by around here.

    I never saw much difference in wads at cowboy yardages, the one thing I will say is once you choose a wad stay with it because even changing brands sometimes will cause you issues with the crimp settings

    Winchester, Remington and Federal all seem to seat the same and are “close in performance” Cheddites however don’t seem to fit in the AA hulls the same.

    As far as where to get products I would say anywhere you can find ‘em ! In the past I have use Ballistics Products for a lot of my shotshell reloading but things are tight.   Good luck and have fun

  5. saw a movie a week or two ago, first scene words pop up on the screen "Nevada 1870" the hero then rides in with a pair of 1873 colts on, a couple scenes later he starts a gun fight with 1860 colt armies and finishes with his 1873 colts, a few of the rifle scenes look like 1894 Winchesters, its not just books they cant get right 

  6. My game cam just got a good picture of the buck I chased around last fall but never got, I believe he is throwing down the gauntlet and challenging me again this year and doing it in a rather rude way, and yes that is both the front and rear of the same deer


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  7. perhaps that should be sent to MSN, CBS, ABC and the rest of the snowflake news services, they certainly dont have a clue what their reporting about when it comes to firearms and that sounds simple enough for even their snowflake educated minds to understand,    ooops did I say that out loud

  8. Just read an article about Amalgamated bank and its mission to get a special code assigned to all credit card purchases of fire arms and ammunitions, they want to develop a data base of firearms and ammo purchases to profile credit card members for the government to help " fight terrorism " Priscilla Sims Brown the CEO seems to think handing over personnel information of customers is ok as long as its going to uncle Joe and the boys in DC YIKES !

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  9. again im not sure if its legal but if you can lay your guns on the table to reload you can grab a cartridge in each hand, load it, roll your gun sideways on the cylinder on the table with the gate open (about 2" works) snap the gate closed with your index finger to lock your cylinder as you pick your guns up and your either right on the live round or 1 off but your pretty close to ready to shoot, this was an interesting reload/shoot to figure out but im not sure how much fun it would be on the clock but worth a try 

  10. I shoot gunfighter but im still pretty new to the game so I tried it out but im not sure its legal, I can fire my 10 rounds gunfighter, flick my loading gates open in hand with my thumbs, lay my guns on the table, draw two rounds and slip them in the chamber, pick my guns up and shoot, have a broken a rule laying my guns on the table to reload or is that a legal staging maneuver ?

  11. look at the bright side, while the ruskies are laughing themselves silly about the he/she/its with multi color hair running around trying to figure out which end of their guns to shoot with we get a little more time to acquire a good sight picture and decide what kind of sweep were going to shoot

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  12. I sent my grip frames to Jim Downing to have some engraving done on the back strap, he did it in 1 week, sent it back, cost me $100 a frame for what I wanted done and I can not say enough good about his work, he doesn’t charge enough for what he does and the quality he delivers, give him a call you won’t be disappointed 

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  13. My grandfather ALWAYS did the math in his head at the checkout when it came to getting his change back and usually before the clerk’s managed to figure it out and it always surprised me how often he caught the clerks making a “ mistake”, it’s a habit he instilled in me and I still count my change to this day and I still catch “mistakes” at the counter

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  14. I do seat/crimping at the same station on both 45 and 38, I bought a set of the RCBS cowboy dies and they work well, don’t really think they are any different than other dies I have but they are supposed to be made just for that purpose and that gives me room for my powder check die

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  15. Try a RCBS lockout die after your powder station, they are fantastic, if your more than app 3 tenths above or below your setting they lock up the press and let you know something’s wrong, I have never had a missed charge or overloaded charge since I started using one, their great for catching powder bridging that happens with big flake powders that end up giving you a lite load on one shell and a heavy charge on the next, you will only be looking in the case when the die tells you something is wrong, I have one set up for my 45 colt and a second one set up for my 38’s, can not say enough good things about them

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  16. Just had the same thing happen, USAA was on top of things and called as well as emailed me, just wish once they would go after the scum bags, I would like to see a post about some credit card thief being caught for once, maybe a picture so everyone would know who he/she/it was

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  17. I have done about 4k rounds of brass now and as far as I can tell once I rinse the brass in cold water there is no residue on the case inside or out, they are squeaky clean, I did use a heated solution on the second batch of cases and it does work a little better, I am also using distilled water because my well water has enough lime in it to make a drinking glass have a white film if you let it evaporate and that might cause an issue if I used it

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  18. I’m not sure if this has been posted here before but I got tired of paying big bucks for Hornady, Lyman and RCBS case cleaning solution so on a friends recommendation I tried Simple Green HD, it’s made for metal and is purple not green, I used app 1/4 cup in a gallon of water, it wasn’t even enough to turn the water colored, 20 minutes on cold and wow what a difference, I did it a second time for 20 minutes but dident really need to, took off all the Trail Boss soot on my 45s and 38s, it did not however have any effect at all on the couple of black powder stained cases I threw in as a test, after about 2k cases I had to make a new batch but it’s a LOT cheaper and does a lot better job than the other cleaners I have tried, I’m going to try it heated next since the cleaner has that option, hope this helps others who use ultrasonic

  19. Just saw that line for the first time ever today and it got me thinking how many sayings like that are out there across the cowboy world that I have never heard and what the H*ll to they all mean, post your favorites and throw in a brief description for those of us without a clue, really like the whole tail waging day think im gonna start using that one


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  20. Having a good friend and his 2 sons in LE down in Ga I have to say I hope they all get out and find a safer job, the father is a 30+ year veteran of the force and a dam fine officer as are his boys but the way the public sh*ts on police and then blames them for everything when they don’t fly to the rescue and do everything perfect makes me sick, I know there are bad cops out there but let me point a gun at anyone out there and start SHOOTING real bullets and let’s see how many people do the RIGHT thing every time, then go home knowing maybe I’m outside your house, or maybe not, maybe I’m in your coffee shop waiting for you, see how long before your choices are not what the liberals feel they should be, we shoot steel targets that don’t shoot back and have time to plan and we still miss and shoot the wrong order while police get to dodge 4 year olds that daddy gives a gun to to shoot the bad cops with, is the chance of catching a bullet from a 4 year old worth it ? And people are wondering why police are quitting in record numbers, I hope my friends leave the force, ( they won’t) it would be sad for the state of Ga but in todays liberal BS world I would rather have my friends doing a safer job for people who might at least care.


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