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  1. Lee Load-Master - $350 (NOTE: All items purchased within last 3 months) This is a complete Lee Loadmaster, with all the additional parts & accessories to reload: • .38 Special • .357 Magnum • .45 ACP I know the 38/357 kit allows you to do both with one set of components, but I bought two, so they would be setup and ready standalone, on the shelf. Ready for use without readjustment. So, this press is all set for three different calibers. I have a 9mm shell plate, I’ll just include that free. Contains: • Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure w/complete set of disks • Safety Primer Feed Small kit • Case Feeder • (1) 5-hole turret Additional accessories (All are Lee Precision parts): • (3) Shell Plates for .38 special, .357 magnum, and .45ACP • (3) Complete die sets for .38 special, .357 magnum, and .45ACP • (Die sets include: decapping, shell sizing, powder, bullet seating, & shell crimping) • Pro Auto Drum Powder Measure w/small & large drums • Quick Change Drum set (4 additional drums) • Pro Auto-Disk Adjustable Powder Charge bar • Powder System Riser • Load-Master Large Primer Feed System • Auto Prime Shell Holders kit • (4) Decapping pins • Ergo Prime had priming tool • Steel base bench block • Bench plate kit • Shell loader case collator (+2 stabilizer clips) • (2) 5-hole turrets
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