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  1. Two new shooters looking for leather double rigs preferably 357/38 caliber loops to fit new model vaqueros and blackhawks both 4.62 barrels need one belt 44' to the middle and one 46" to the middle. Thanks in advance . Doc
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind replies and good advice, My son and I live in Louisville ky we 've been down to our local club great guys explained alot to us made us feel welcome. Our local club is the Knob Creek Gunslingers Guild.
  3. Doc Jack  Rabitt


    Hello everyone, I've been a longtime lurker on here decided this is the year I'm going to take the plunge . My son and I went to our local club wow, what a great bunch of people made feel us welcome. Can't wait to shoot first match now to get all the gear together so anyone thinning the herd please let me know we need everything to start. All advice welcomed.
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