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  1. I have the following four rifles offered for sale. 1) Ruger 10/22. Not your normal rifle though. It has a laminated wood stock and a 20 inch stainless steel bull barrel with a spiral finish and target crowned muzzle. The barrel is free floated and has a special Ruger trigger that breaks at about 5 lbs. The OAL is 38 inches with a LOP of 14 inches. This was a special edition done by Ruger back in the 90s for competition. It has a Tasco 4 x 16 power scope that is included along with three magazines. One is a normal Ruger 10 rnd magazine. One is a Ruger 15 rnd magazine and the other is a Ruger 25 rnd magazine. Has a leather sling. Shoots great with Eley 10x. $ 400 plus $ 60 for shipping to you FFL 2) Ruger Model 77 Mark II in .243 Winchester. Laminated wood stock with a 26 inch heavy target crowned barrel. Barrel is in target gray color. OAL is 46 inches with a 13 1/2 inch LOP. Lovingly used but in excellent condition. Tack driver with the right load. Includes a set of RCBS dies, Wilson Case Gauge, 95 pieces of empty brass, and three partial boxes of Sierra and Lapua bullets. $ 650 plus $ 60 shipping to your FFL. 3) Belgium Browning light 12 gauge in excellent condition. Comes with 3 barrels. 1) 25 inch imp cyl, with vent rib, 2) 30 inch full, with vent rib, and 3) 18 inch slug barrel. $ 600 plus $ 60 shipping to your FFL.. 4) Southern Indiana custom made Flint Lock Rifle. 45 cal with a 30 inch Douglas barrel. Douglas hasn't made black powder barrels for quite a while but this one has one. OAL is 54 inches and LOP is 13 1/2 inches. Walnut stock with a crescent butt plate. German silver stock decorations. Buckhorn rear site with a blade front. $ 650 plus $ 60 shipping to your FFL.
  2. So now I have two more items for sale to earn quilt money for Little Pearl's trip to the quilt show. SOLD 1) Women's Red Dog Leather cross draw holster set. Right side is strong side, left is a cross draw. Also has two accessory pouches. Belt is for a 30 to 36 inch waist and contains five 38 caliber shell loops. Holsters are for 4 3/4 inch SAA style revolvers. Price is $ 150. With $ 25 shipping to your favorite ranch. SOLD SOLD 2) Men's Rod Kibler Leather cross draw holster set. Right side is strong side, left is a cross draw. Has one accessory pouch. Belt is for a 40-46 inch waist and contains five 38 caliber shell loops. Holsters are for a 4 3/4 inch SAA style revolvers. Holsters have a reinforced mouth (must be steel because I could not bend it) with blond rawhide covering. These are slick. Burgundy leather. Price is $ 175. With $ 25 shipping to your next gunfight. SOLD As per usual; please email me with your real name and email address and we will get er done. Pearl thanks you. She's going to the quilt show.
  3. OK jeeper.  I will keep you in mind.

  4. Sedalia Dave, send me your email address and mailing address. I will tell you where to send the money.
  5. Sedalia Dave. Its yours. Now you know it is for all? Right?
  6. Ok Oregonian. Send me your email address and I will reply with the details.
  7. You've got them Dakota Fox. Send me your email address and I will send you my information.
  8. These items are the last of it. Please send me a pm with your email address for photographs. They are much easier to send. Also send your real name. 1) SOLD SOLD SOLD Bond Arms Deringer with 2 barrels. One in 45 ACP and the 2nd in 32 H & R Magnum. Leather holster included. Plus a Cobra Enterprise Inc. in .22 magnum. Price on all $ 250 with $ 40 for shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD 2) SOLD SOLD SOLD YES IT WAS $ 250 FOR THE ENTIRE LOT Did someone say leather? Please read all. Price on all is $ 250 with $ 30 for shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD 1) Set of leather saddle bags. 2) Two double pommel holsters by Rod Kibler of Georgia for 5 1/2 barrel Ruger or similar size revolver. 3) Three shotgun belts. 1st is brown leather for a 42-44 inch waist by Kirkpatrick. 24 single 12 ga loops. 2nd one brown leather for a 26-32 inch waist by Rod Kibler. 12 single 12 ga loops plus 4 38 special loops. 3rd is brown leather for a 26-32 inch waist by Kirkpatrick. Eight double 12 ga loops plus one double 12 ga loop plus 10 38 special loops. 4) One black double holster rig with silver dollar conchos for 5 1/2 inch Ruger or similar revolver. Has 40 cartridge loops in 44/40. 5) Two shotgun shell belt slides. One is a double loop for 6 shells and the other is a single loop for 4 shells. 6) Two sets of leather and canvas suspenders by Rod Kibler. 7) One set of spurs by Colorado Saddlery with Wild West Mercantile straps in black. 8) Two pair of soft leather gauntlet glover. 1st is black in women's medium. 2nd is yellow in women's extra large. 3) Men's canvas duster in cream color with brown collar, cuffs, and pocket trim. Size is men's large. Bone Industries of Mineral Springs, Texas. Price is $ 60 with $ 15 for shipping. 4) Union Civil War re-enactor's uniform. Infantry, sgt. Coat is size 40 and pants are for 34-36 inch waist with 30 inch inseam. Price is $ 100 with $ 15 for shipping. That's all folks. I am officially out.
  9. If you send me your email I will send photos.
  10. Can you send me your email address. I will send pictures of Favorite.
  11. I have a few guns left, some that did not sell and some more I found in the safe. Not all cowboy guns but some nice ones. NOTE THAT ALL THE GUNS HAVE SOLD EXCEPT 1) THE STEVENS FAVORITE MODEL 30. PRICE ON THAT ONE REDUCED TO $ 100 EVEN WITH $ 40 SHIPPING. 1) Stevens Favorite Model 30 .22 cal. Manufactured by Savage arms in the 1990s. 1/2 round, 1/2 octagon 19 inch barrel. Price $ 125 2) SOLD 1892 Navy Arms by Rossi. 44/40 caliber with 24 inch barrel. Perfect shape. Price $ 500. SOLD 3) SOLD 1873 Trapdoor Springfield. 45/70 in very good shape. With bayonet. Price $ 650. SOLD 4) SOLD Savage/Stevens Model 330 A. 410 ga double shotgun with 26 in barrels. Choked Full/Full. Great gun for kids or grandkids. Price $ 350 SOLD 5) SOLD Ruger Stainless Steel Vaquero with 5 1/2 inch barrel in 44/40. Has gunfighter grips. Price $ 550 SOLD 6) SOLD Ruger Blackhawk Buckeye Special with 7 1/2 barrel. Blued. 32 S & W magnum with matching 32/20 cylinder. Manufactured on a limited run in 1989. Has beautiful stag grips. Price $ 850 SOLD ALL GUNS HAVE TO BE $ 40 SHIPPING AND I MUST HAVE AN FFL BEFORE I CAN SHIP. 7) HATS. ALL ARE 6 7/8 OR 55CM SIZE AND ARE PRICED AT $ 60. Shipping on all hats will by $ 15 These were banquet hats, not shooting hats so they are like new. 1) Black Tombstone Style by Tonto Rim. 2) Black Long Oval by Serratelli. 3) Brown Long Oval by Serratelli. 4) Light Brown-Gray Six Shooter by Tonto Rim. Also have two hat boxes made of aluminum. One is a single and the other is a double. Each will hold hats up to 15 x 16 inch rims. Single is $ 30 and double is $ 45 with $ 15 shipping on each. 8) SOLD Men's leather chaps. About 35 inches long with adjustable belt for about 40-44 inches from flying heel leather. Pale yellow in color with 2 pockets on front. Price $ 125 with $ 15 shipping. SOLD 9) Ladies leather chaps. About 28 inches long with fringe on sides. Brown leather for 38-40 inch hips. Price $ 100 with $ 15 for shipping. If interested, please send me a personal message with your real name and email address. I have photos that I will be happy to send. Please bear with me. I got swamped last time and could hardly keep up. Best regards, Oatsville Slim
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