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  1. And here's another place for springs Wolf Gun Springs
  2. You can also try here Pioneer Gunworks They have a kit (get steel firing pin) with springs $35.00. I put that kit in mine and it runs good. They also have Marbles front sights.
  3. I was able to score 2k Remington #10 caps this morning hopefully that'll get me through until this latest shortage is over.
  4. @Kid Rich if you bring yours I'll bring mine. Looking forward to seeing ya.
  5. See fellas that's the problem, I've only have about 400 Remington #10 caps (using SlixShot nipples) and when I went to get some to stock up everywhere I looked they were out of stock. Plenty of CCI and Remington #11 but no #10's. Hopefully I'll be able to find some and stock up before I run out.
  6. You're a better man than me, I don't think there's one thing that still fits from 20 years ago. Welcome Back!
  7. @Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 thanks for that link it's very interesting. My biggest take away was (my question to follow) I measured the Uberti and Pietta nipples and compared them to stock. The Uberti SlixShot measured about .032 longer than the stock Ubertis. The Pietta SlixShot only measured about .006 longer. I haven't tried the Uberti with the SlixShot nipples yet - ran out of time at the range. I did run about 72 rounds through a Pietta 1860 Army. I fired three cylinders full with Remington #10, Remington #11, CCI #11, and RWS 1075 caps. One cylinder with each size cap was capped with a TDC revolver capper, one with a TDC dual spring straight line capper, and one capped by hand. I did not use a "seating stick" or anything other than the capper or my thumb to seat the caps. All of the caps went on without any trouble and felt like they were a snug fit. I slow fired the first cylinder full with each size cap and didn't see any evidence of unfired caps backing off the nipple. The load I used was 30 gr. fffg Goex thrown from a flask with a 30 gr. spout (which weighs out to 30.3 gr.); Ox Yoke Wonder Wad, and a .454 round ball cast by BPstuff llc. Every chamber fired first time. All of the Remington and RWS fired caps looked like a plus sign. Four evenly sized wings coming off the center. Most of the CCIs did the same; but some of them disintegrated or didn't split up completely. The only two instances of a cap falling into the frame/action, was with the CCIs that didn't split up completely on firing; but, they didn't jam up the gun. The hammer just flattened them to the frame. In every instance, the only cap still left on a nipple was the one under the hammer from the last shot. All of caps fell off, and none got between my hand and the grip. The 1860 I used was 1994 vintage that has been worked over some using Pettifoggers procedures. It has coil spring & plunger hand spring and the hammer notch is filled with JB Weld. I'm going to try to get back out to the range later this week & run the same process on my Uberti 1861 Navy. Hopefully the extra length won't be a problem. My 1861's have been worked over like the 1860s, so I'm going to take one of my .36 cal Piettas that is still bone stock unmodified & see how the nipples work on it. I'm also going to try a couple Wolf reduced power hammer springs & see how they act. This time I'll take my camera too. So far, I'm really liking these nipples. So am I reading this correctly that on the SlixShot nipples both Remington #10 and #11 and CCI #11 should work well? Also I'm using on .44 Pietta Remington NMA.
  8. Has anyone used #10 CCI caps with Slix Shot nipples? Are the CCI caps like the primers where they're harder to set off cowboy guns?
  9. I use my computer more than anything. I'll use my IPhone to post if I'm away from home.
  10. In today's primer/cap shortage I've done some research. Slix Shot nipples are made for #10 caps and the AMPCO you can get for either #10 or #11. I've got very little experience with the Slix Shot, and none with the AMPCO, but it might come down to cap availability to which nipples I use in the future.
  11. No black powder? Now that's just not right.
  12. Over the last few years I've seen the attendance getting lower each year at the race tracks. This whole publicity stunt that was pulled and that they're letting political statements be put on cars IMHO will drive attendance down even more.
  13. I had a feeling you were high maintenance.
  14. I just changed the firing pin and spring in my '94 with the kit at Pioneer and the gun runs good.
  15. Don't worry if you get the gift cards your vehicle warranty will be extended, your credit score will improve, and your student loans will be forgiven. Oh yea almost forgot, the IRS won't send the police to take you to jail.
  16. NASCAR had said they wanted to enforce social distancing and the wearing of face masks, until Bubba Wallace had a "noose" in the garage. NASCAR then had a Bubba love fest and social distancing and masks went out the window. At the end of the race Bubba ran up to the fans, no mask on him or the fans, and started slapping hands. Today it was announced that Jimmie Johnson and his wife have tested positive for COVID-19. Johnson won't be racing this weekend and will probably start to quarantine. So I wonder how many more drivers and crews are going to start testing positive. Another reason that pro sports have turned into a shame.
  17. I tried TB and thought it was messy. I switched to Clay's, found it to be cleaner. Of course if you'd shoot black you wouldn't have any of the issues
  18. Had one of those pins (chrome) stick to the side of the screwdriver that was near it, thought I lost it, that little bugger tried to be sneaky and was hiding.
  19. It's always the last place you look because you don't need to keep looking
  20. It looks good! Don't forget to check and clean the extractor and ejector. And shhhhhh don't tell @Widder, SASS #59054 he might just get jealous
  21. Pat - thats a great looking car, love the color. This is my little go fast, it's a hard top convertible in pearl white.
  22. @Griff thanks for the advice. Yesterday I took my new C&B's to the range to practice not only shooting but loading. I'm using a wonder wad over the powder, from what I've read, and now saw for myself, the wad pushes any powder from the chamber wall which is supposed to help preventing chain fire. The 6th chamber loading I knew I'd do if a stage called for a reload, I never really thought about just keeping one loaded "just in case".
  23. To the founders and board members I say thank you for all the dedication and hard work for a great many years. To the future board members, remember the history and pay homage. Keep an eye on the future and lead the way of the greatest group of pards.
  24. Where were you lucky enough to find such a unique pistol?
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