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  1. Here are a couple of more thoughts to add to the conversation.  First off instead of TV would streaming be cheaper and easier to do?  It would feed into a younger audience as well, maybe too young.  Another is something I recently heard, a team event.  Match a “pro” with a “regular shooter” for combined time against another team of “pro” and “regular shooter”.  The added value to this would be to show that we’re not an all pro sport and if the “regular shooters” are changed out regularly it would add diversity.  Also, if interviews are done a cowboy could mention their  club, popular matches, etc.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Texas Shane said:

    I had the unfortunate experience of loaning my hi dollar (least for me) hammered double to a pard who’s sg died. If hate to see the look on my face when I saw the red and blue chalk fly out of it. Cleaning that crap was a heck of a lot harder than cleanin the black powder residue. 


    You mean they used your gun and their ammo?  And they shot a chalk load out of it?  And they didn’t clean the gun for you?  That’d be the last time I’d loan them any gun.

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  3. Does anyone know who still carries the firing pin and extractor roll pins for a ‘94?  Or does anyone know the size of the pins?  I’d like to buy a couple of extras, just in case.


  4. Congrats to you Mr. Bucky Buckskin you’re a good shooter and pard.   Also thanks to @Confederate Colt and all the fine folks who helped put on Dark Days and Darkness Falls.  Great event with even better folks.  Shooting in my first all BP match I couldn’t have asked for a better time, this is definitely on next year’s list

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  5. An interesting concept and I applaud you for thinking out of the box.  I do have some concerns about your idea though.  When I read through your idea the first thing I thought of was NASCAR.  When NASCAR started out it was “stock car racing” and guys with determination, knowledge, and skill could compete competitively without being millionaires.  Today, it is anything but “stock car racing” and is far from something the average guy/girl can get into.  Sponsorship, television, marketing, etc. have completely changed the original sport.  Yes, at the local level you may still get into racing, but the pro level contributes little to add to local level racing.  For proof of that look at how many small tracks that used to race every weekend are still open.  In North Carolina/South Carolina, considered the birthplace of NASCAR there are maybe 3-4 local tracks still running.  


    So, yes, it might generate good ratings for TV, but I don’t think it would significantly have a positive impact at the local level, in fact it might scare off some from trying CAS knowing that they’d “never be that good”.  


    Fun, fellowship, and challenge are what keep pards coming back.  Sure some are “gamers”, sure there are some that do all this for a belt buckle, but that’s a long way from professional competition.  Just something to think about.  

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  6. 3 hours ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    The item I had to deal with--going to the last read post was: Click on the arrow next to your alias at the top of the page. Then click Account settings, then click "Content view behavior". When you click the arrow next to your alias, the page that comes up will have an settings box on the right side that has "Notification settings". Hope that helps, if not I'll try to snip some pictures of the page for you.


    I got it, thanks and I also saw some other settings that I updated. Appreciate it

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  7. 2 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

    I brush out the bore and chambers in the kitchen sink under a light stream of hot water.  Then go around the inside of the cylinder opening with a brass brush.  I dry and set aside for awhile. Brush and patch again.   Then coat with Bore Butter.  




    I’m with Warden on this one. Water for bores, hot soapy water for the rest.  Rifle and pistols get bronze brushed then dry patch, end with either BB or Ballistol (depending on time of year).  SG is just rinse, dry and lube the barrels.  I’ve tried the mixes they work well, the only thing I didn’t like on shooting day was the Murphy’s left the guns feeling slippery to me.  YMMV

  8. I’ve noticed that since the software update that my notifications (little bell at the top of the screen) very seldom notifies me of any posts that I’m tagged in, replies to my posts, or reactions.  I haven’t heard anyone else say anything about it, I still get email notifications just not on website screen.

  9. It’s been interesting to see what folks have tried.  I don’t think I’d ever do it, but it could be funny to see.  I wouldn’t think magnesium would be wise at all I’ve seen fires started from tracer rounds before.  The other stuff like glitter and chalk I wouldn’t want to be around when it went off.  As far as the feathers and confetti goes, I already use fiber wads and I can’t see them when they break up so I’d guess that paper and feathers wouldn’t hold up that well, at least with BP.


  10. It was kind of started on another thread, but was suggested to start a new thread.


    So, what have you put into SG shells for effect either mixed into the shot or as a stand alone and how did it work?  I’ve heard glitter - not so good results, couldn’t really see it; and feathers - not sure how they hold up.

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  11. Looking at both I think I’d go with the cap rake.  I’m guessing the size and placement of the pin is critical.  Holiday Inn Express here I come :D

  12. I like the reloading process of brass shells.  Of course it takes longer than plastic hulls and plastic wads, but, I get into a zone and it’s relaxing.  I work out in my shop, alone, no music, no noise and just focus on what I’m doing.  I have a routine that I follow, it works for me and as long as I follow it I know that each shell is done right. 

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