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  1. And while we’re at it spotters reset the KD’s, don’t expect the T.O. to do that too
  2. Please tell me you’re not talking about someone in particular.
  3. I think for a suppository pistol both Pietta and Uberti are about the same quality. Most (if not all) will benefit from some action smoothing. Preferences are with fit and feel, for some historical accuracy plays into it, others it’s coloring. The 3 vs. 4 click, now there’s a discussion. How do you feel about a transfer bar?
  4. Betcha @Yul Lose could make a gun cart that looks like that
  5. I’ve looked all over the Regulators website and can’t find anything about camping. If anyone has the name and phone number of the gentleman that has the rv sites (at the equestrian center) would you please PM me. Thanks
  6. Age is relative: compared to a mountain I’m a baby, compared to a head of lettuce I should’ve been thrown away a long time ago.
  7. I bought this used a couple of months ago Perfect for mult-day matches and easy to tow with ½ ton truck.
  8. Scout, thanks for sharing the video. When I watched it the first time I didn’t notice the chain fire, then I went back and you could clearly see the bottom chamber going off. I can’t recall ever hearing/seeing a top to bottom chain, I thought it would only happen in the adjoining chamber, learned something new.
  9. How did you find my family pictures?
  10. Good job! Like the old saying “even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while”. Lots of luck with a nice looking brace.
  11. Creek I guess you’ve got that kind of luck. At least you’re a TO with Frontiersman experience.
  12. It’s rained so much that the mushrooms have fungus
  13. We’ve had above average rain April, May, and now June is heading that way. Summertime down here it can rain any afternoon just from the heat and humidity.
  14. OMG you’re a non-conforming radical gun nut! An anti-social pro 2A deviant. A right wing hater of all that is woke and politically correct. You’re my kinda guy!
  15. If you don’t want knurled PGW sells these Quick Cap
  16. How long ago was that? Henri was one of my TO’s last year at CAC. She hated it because I always made her laugh just before she hit the button, but she’s a good TO.
  17. It just goes to show that only the Shadow knows.
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