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  1. Why doesn’t it seem right? Because he got free hearing aids or that he collects $125 / month?
  2. But it’s a ton better than non-annealed. I was just commenting on how boring most people find it is to anneal.
  3. And people say annealing .45c is a pain in the neck
  4. Consistent loads start with consistent components. Cases all the same size ✅; powder the same height ✅; same bullet (length, diameter) ✅; dies set to those components ✅. A change in the components require a check and possibly change to the dies.
  5. Sue, if you don’t have one already you should consider an electrical management system. I’ve been using a Progressive Industries one for years and recommend them, here’s a link https://www.progressiveindustries.net/ems-lchw50
  6. @Widder, SASS #59054 ahhhh, but young patawon you did call a P or miss on yourowndangself, you just went about it differently. You told the TO then it’s up to them to make the final decision, you didn’t keep it to yourowndangself and pretend it never happened. I had a similar stage that I called a MDQ on myself. At the LT I went to put a loaded pistol in my holster and missed, no one saw it, but I knew what happened so I told the TO.
  7. As a TO I ask the shooter if they are comfortable with the course of fire and if it’s the first time I’ve shot with them, if they can hear the timer beep. I never count hits/misses, I concentrate on round count and safety items (170 rule, hammer position, etc.). I’m also a proponent of ongoing training and improvement of training curriculum. I don’t buy the arguments about logistics and volunteer force. A good TO wants to stay current, improve, and give a good experience to the shooters.
  8. That’s true none did, however the impression that you gave was that he did enough by just watching. At what point do you get involved? If she drew a knife or gun is that the threshold. I’m not trying to start an argument here, I see a bully demanding to get what they want and watching someone getting punched in the face is enough for me.
  9. If that were a man and not a woman demanding the slushee and did those things would you still just sit there and video it?
  10. I am not against you. I like the fact that you speak your mind and defend your position (even though it’s usually wrong ). Carry on.
  11. I’m surprised that SASS doesn’t require refresher training for TOs. Seeing all the “WTC” topics posted, and being the first hand recipient of both good and bad TOs it seems clear that ongoing training is needed. Good TOs make a match fun, fair, and keep things moving, a bad TO, well pretty much just the opposite. The Range Operation instructors have required refresher training, so why not a TO?
  12. That guy stood there and videoed the whole thing and never once helped, way to be a hero.
  13. I’ll also add https://www.apachebullets.com/ https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/aboutourbullets
  14. I’ve been saving my Remington #10s for major matches and using CCI #11s for local matches. The #11s haven’t given me any trouble with fitting on the Slix nipples or of falling off during shooting.
  15. Living and shooting in southern MS/LA you get used to heat and humidity. I’ve told people that’ve come to visit that we can get 100% humidity and it not be raining, they usually don’t believe it until they see it for themselves. I’m surprised you AZ pards don’t have swamp coolers on the stages. They don’t work here but in dry heat they feel good.
  16. Integrity = what you do when no one is looking. I applaud anyone for calling a penalty on themself when it’s correct. If you win a match but break a rule to do it, is the win really worth it? So Seamus just by you calling anything on yourself shows your true colors, bravo pard, bravo.
  17. Just in case you can’t wait it looks like Apache Bullets has them in stock. Here’s the link. https://www.apachebullets.com/
  18. Next time it happens try opening, don’t shuck the shells, re-close it and see if it fires.
  19. I’ve bought from them in the past, but that was before all this nonsense started, without any issues. Did you order an oddball size? I’d call them and ask what’s going on.
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