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  1. The parts should interchange if your in doubt call EMF and they let you know first hand.  I changed both hammers on my El Malo’s, after the first match I realized that they were out of time.  Once I figured out what was wrong, with the help of pards here on the Wire, it was just a matter of removing the hand (pawl) and stretching it out just a little.  Simple enough to do with a little patience, but if you’re worried you can always buy an extra hand or two, they’re cheap enough.  Since then the guns have run like a sewing machine only louder. :lol:

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  2. I use a 2 trigger Stoeger and haven’t had an issue.  I’ve been told that the 2 trigger model is better than the 1 trigger but that’s just what I’ve been told YMMV.  $550 NIB, especially in today’s market is good.  You’ll probably have to slick it up some but it’s easy enough to do.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945 said:

    Take an unsharpened pencil and measure the distance from the base of your preferred bullet to the crimping cannilure.  Mark this distance on the blunt end of the unsharpened pencil with a sharpie marker.  Then fill your 44-40 case with APP until the pencil mark is even with the case mouth.  Then dump the APP on your powder scale an weigh it.  next set your powder measure to throw charges equal to the measured weight from your case and start loading. 


    For APP MB does it pretty much the way I do it.  When you read loading data for APP it states that you shouldn’t compress it, a little gap between powder and bullet won’t hurt. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, Nate Kiowa Jones #6765 said:



    Notice no wear around the saddlering. definately a re-blue. But, if the bore is good it's still worth $1600- $1800


    He was looking for $2,500.  Might be a good price but too rich for me at this time.

  5. At one of my regular clubs when someone new comes they are automatically put in a “Greenhorn” category.  They can shoot any style (GF, Duelist, etc.) but they only get scored against others in the Greenhorn category.  They are allowed to shoot in this category for their first 3 matches if they want.

  6. I have an opportunity to but a saddle ring carbine Marlin ‘94 chambered in .38-40 that was made in 1907.  We haven’t worked out a price, but I’d like to hear what y’all think would be a fair price.  Here’s on of the pictures he sent me.



  7. On 1/26/2021 at 5:56 AM, Flanigan Flats said:

    I am a long distance truck driver.  I sleep in a different place/state almost every night. I have often thought about posting my location to see if there was a possibility of a home cooked meal and good conversation near where I am parked.  Great idea. 


    If you’re on I-10 in MS we’re just off of exit 16.  You’re more than welcome for a meal, a beverage, a shower, or even a comfy bed.  


    This goes for any pards passing by.  Got room in the driveway for an RV, and have 2 extra BR’s in a separate part of the house for privacy.

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