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  1. What's the most innovative target you've seen? Maybe it's the target, or where you have to shoot from, or something else. I've heard about (but haven't seen...yet) ore cars that roll and targets that move away from the shooter.
  2. That's a big word Yusta B. a mighty big word
  3. As others have said looks the same as APP. I'll stick with Bullets by Scarlett she sells both APP and Shooter's World smokeless.
  4. @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L I enjoyed your videos, found them on Youtube. In the 2013 thread John Boy said that the videos were made into a sticky. I don't see it now, was that something that didn't transition with the site's update since then? Any thoughts to re-post it as a sticky?
  5. I hope you're not talking about me. I'm not your Tequila I'm spoken for by a very beautiful woman that I love.
  6. Even though coating lead bullets may not be hard, but unless you're going to keep doing it after your initial 1,000 it probably isn't worth the hassle. One way to think about it: how may rounds used per match x how many matches per month + how much you go to the range; you'll most likely burn through a few hundred rounds in a month or two. My dos centavos, just load'em, shoot'em, wipe the smile off your face and repeat, when you're done with them by coated bullets.
  7. I know what not to recommend those 3 flange ones made by 3M. They didn't do a thing for me except ruin my hearing.
  8. I hate a SG KD that doesn't go down even with both barrels. I watched some friends do some casting, and I watched one of them get splattered when a piece of lead popped. So no casting for me I'm already scarred up enough.
  9. I'm pretty much like that everyday I just hope the throwing up isn't morning sickness
  10. Glad to hear that you got through the surgery okay. Was there some complication that made them admit you after surgery? When I had mine last year it was only a day stay, got to go home by the end of the day. I hope you're heading home soon!
  11. It was his story not mine, I just let him talk. I guess some folks like to spin a yarn and not worry if they're right or not.
  12. I heard tall tales from a guy who'll remain nameless that they stopped shooting GF because they were so fast the spotters called a miss on more than one occasion. I guess it could happen, but....
  13. What is the Community Calendar used for? Is it a personal calendar to add events that you're attending? Or is to list State/Regional/National/International matches so there is a ready reference when there is an event?
  14. I have enough trouble shooting one at a time accurately, I don't even want to try 2
  15. SD - thanks for the link. It's one I hadn't seen and it's an interesting read.
  16. Thanks all for the answers. Here's another question: I heard that some shooters only put 5 nipples on each cylinder. It's supposed to keep you from loading too many, capping the wrong one, and making it easier at the loading table to show that the hammer is on an unloaded chamber. Is that how everyone does it? Anything I need to know before?
  17. This is what I was thinking of RMC 3-N-1 Tool $9.95 A handy tool that can be used as a wedge pin punch or decapper, and has a nipple pick screwed into the handle.
  18. I'm getting ready for my first match shooting Frontiersman using Remington New Armies. Question is: will it be helpful to get a decapper/nipple pick? If not what do you use?
  19. Here is a post '64 exploded view When doing a really good cleaning I take the extractor out and clean it and the channel it sits in. You'd need a punch to knock out the pin to remove the extractor. Otherwise when you clean it get the end of the extractor as good as you can, they also tend to build up gunk. These aren't hard guns to take apart and clean and I would think that a good cleaning and lube are in order that includes the magazine. Exploded view courtesy of Numrich Gun Parts
  20. H. K. one question how do you holster your "pistols"? Or since they aren't match legal any ways that they let you have them staged. And I commend you for at least thinking how you could shoot GF.
  21. I de-prime by hand using a 1/16" punch so I know every one is the right size
  22. I worried about the same thing with the large primers but I haven't found any problems so far. Where did you find ones that use shotshell primers?
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