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  1. I’m with @Sixgun Seamus on this. Well run, fun, and great folks, what more can you ask for? Oh yeah, if you get the discount that’s a bonus.
  2. When I spot I stand away from other spotters and pay attention, but I’ve seen some pretty P1$$ Poor spotting, as probably everyone has. Spotters not really watching and just going along with the others, etc. Maybe that’s what TN was talking about, shooter sees that going on, gets a miss and then protests the call. Of course the PM or TO shouldn’t let it get to that point.
  3. Bump for a good Pard! If I was going to shoot long range this would be my choice.
  4. I don’t get it, why use powder coated bullets then?
  5. From an old movie called Kentucky Fried Movie
  6. That’s way to much winter for me! We got a saying down here too, “The only ice I want to see is in my drink”
  7. Can’t the same thing be said about tequila???
  8. Thanks for sharing the video (I missed Griff’s post). He brought out a good point about forgetting to keep his capper dry. So I guess I’ll add an extra plastic bag to my rain poke for the capper.
  9. I’ve been retired about 4 years and I don’t know how I got all the stuff around the house done when I was working.
  10. I don’t think for access, but if want to have a home page you will. I have an account to keep a homepage with the video authors that I follow, it’s easy to see when one of them posts a new video.
  11. Another good search engine is Startpage, it’s also anonymous.
  12. Way to go Mrs. P! You earned yourself a little bottle of tequila from me.
  13. Can you legally buy ammo out there??
  14. @Max Payne you may want to change the title to Senior Frontier Cartridge.
  15. I’ll take all of them. Send me a message on how you want me to get the money to you.
  16. I’ve haven’t had the privilege to attend WR or EOT yet but I’d like to. Couple of questions to consider would Phoenix and OKC be willing to hold a major event every other year so the match could be moved? Are there clubs that can accommodate the number of shooters and potential visitors and also have the infrastructure nearby? A big range with hard working members is great but IMHO you’d need more, i.e. hotels, airport, restaurants, banquet facilities, etc. Personally, I’d love to see somewhere in the NW and SE added, such as a winter match in Phoenix one year then the next year the winte
  17. AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto Tequila – $2,800 This kind of expensive?
  18. @Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L I’ll just say this it sounds like you got sour grapes because he got hearing aids and a lousy $125/month and we all know how far $125 will get you. Try not to be envious, life is too short
  19. But you can’t drink all day if don’t start in the morning
  20. And your point is?? Anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to be willing to sign their name on a dotted line and be willing to give their life for their country is a Veteran. I served with a lot of people that never went to war and I don’t consider them any less of a Veteran than me. I guess you feel that a Deputy that performs court control less of a Deputy than someone who goes out on patrol.
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