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  1. I agree, I was just saying what Dillon quotes. I've never heard anyone (first person) that's had a problem with static. Reality check time. First don't count on getting all your brass back at a match, you may show up with 100 rounds and leave with 90, some matches are even called a lost brass match, eventually you'll have to buy more. There are countless threads and articles about the real cost of reloading, it depends on cost of equipment and cost of components. Probably one of the biggest advantages for CAS is the ability to tailor loads for the type of shooting we do. As you know there aren't many choices with pre-made smokeless ammo and even less if you want to go sooty. Yes, in the long run reloading is cheaper, you'll still have a lot of stuff to buy besides the press; dies, scale, calipers, case cleaning equipment come to mind. I look at reloading as a chance to be alone, with no distractions, getting into a groove and enjoying what I'm doing. So you may be better off not to think about the money end of it and enjoy it as a whole new adventure.
  2. Dillon does not recommend loading BP on their presses, some folks do it, but Dillon says don't. I believe it's because of the static electricity that the powder hopper creates. Not sure what you paid for empty brass but here's one supplier that I've bought once fired from DiamondK
  3. I never joined just modify search (red circle)
  4. You may want to check out Ammoseek you can change the search to meet your needs. I found them accurate and you can search for ammo, reloading supplies, guns and magazines.
  5. Your photo was temporarily taken down due to ANTIFA and other SJW who complained that your picture showed violence and a general hatred towards others, the matter has been investigated. The investigation found the allegations to be true, but after discussion it was felt that the criteria mentioned can be applied to most other members. Thank you, have a nice day, and remember to say your prayers for the country. Hopefully my sarcasm is fully evident.
  6. +1 for Scarlett her prices are fair and she's very responsive to emails/calls.
  7. Creeker - lots of luck next Thursday. I had the same kind of surgery last year (they had to open me up to do it). I strongly suggest that you have an ice/water machine with the shoulder cuff, it was a real lifesaver the first couple of months. Let us all know how it went.
  8. Adding on to what Chief Rick said, there's also the shucking. With a SxS you'll also have to practice shucking the used shells, not so with a '97. What category are you shooting? That could be something else to consider.
  9. The cylinder should only turn by hand when it's half-cocked.
  10. Bought these used for back ups and I only used them 2-3 matches. The only thing that I did was clean up any rough spots no other work has been done to them. $800.00 for the pair and I'll pay shipping on my end and you pay FFL on yours.
  11. I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers
  12. Why would you want a virtual wife when you could have a virtual lover, or even be her virtual boy toy
  13. Marshal I was talking about this One Shot
  14. Be thankful in this PC world that Dillon still has the chutzpah to show a model on the cover. Thanks Dillon for sticking to your guns.
  15. Just an idea but have you thought about using ATV/UTV modular gun holders? You mightcould set it up with one holder on top for muzzle up and one down low for muzzle down,
  16. Agree 100% with OLG. If you just want to polish use Flitz it'll clean them up nicely. If you hone or sand not matter how fine you will remove metal maybe not a lot but some will get removed. The choice is yours but I'd start with the least aggressive and work up from there. Have you tried spraying a little Dry Lube on them? My brass shells come out like poop through a goose
  17. Let him keep the 20 ga. He already has it, already likes it, and that's what's important. Get yourself a 12 ga and you can both switch back and forth to see which you each like better.
  18. Colonel - PM me about annealing if you're interested.
  19. @Widder, SASS #59054 you're mailbox must be full I just tried sending you a message and it didn't go through.
  20. Have you done a good cleaning? If not I'd break it down to parade rest and clean and re-lube everything including extractor, carrier and lifting arm. Clean the extractor with an old toothbrush or similar brush to get into the groove.
  21. Car wash with wax plus a 1/4 tsp of lemishine. +1 on if you de-prime the primer pockets will be clean. If you don't de-prime make sure you let the brass dry a good long time the water will seep in the primer pocket and if it's not dry you'll get wet primers. One last thing don't leave them in the dirty water too long, I left a batch overnight and the brass was dirty, had to rewash them the next day. YMMV
  22. No, you just have to move it.
  23. I don't like shooting my '73 rifle without a hat. I was practicing the other day (using BP) and a spent casing went up then straight down the back of my shirt. I even got a little burn mark on my neck from it. Looked kinda like this.
  24. Not sure how to fix the problem but you should contact @Widder, SASS #59054 He's the Marlin Master maybe he could give you some advice.
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