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  1. If ya need another wagon let me know I can get ya one and a mule skinner to go with it. Seems like you like putting powder on a fire and watching everyone git scared.
  2. If you have shot coming out the top get a small pinch of paper towel and put it on top of the shot before crimping. I use 3/4 to 7/8 oz of shot and never met a target that wouldn't go down.
  3. If you think this is topic has a lot of opinions wait until you ask a powder question . Just kidding the pards here all have their opinions based on what works for them and rightly so. You have to find what works for you, either the hard way by trial and error, or the easy way, asking questions and having a mentor. Either way it's a fun hobby but the best advice I've read so far is get a reloading book (Lyman's 50th) and read. You're going to see at the front of the book they talk about what you'll need at a minimum and what's nice to have, the re-loader is only one piece. Finding a place to work and put everything, getting all the equipment, setting up your dies all take time and thought. Take your time, check and re-check everything while your loading and start out with a couple of small batches to see what you like.
  4. Widder looks like you got wars brewin' all the way around. I'm gettin' the feeling that this is going to be a daisy.
  5. ^^^ other than shipping it's a good price
  6. It won't stop anything. Bad people are going to do bad things no matter what. At some level I can understand the open carry might scare some uninformed people, but how can not selling ammo do any good? On the plus side maybe they'll have a good sale.
  7. I'm not going to slam any makes, I'll just say that I found that I like Dillon the best, if you can afford them. If you're only going to be doing straight walled cases then a Dillon Square Deal B is an easy to learn progressive machine and Dillon machines have a lifetime warranty. Look around you can probably pick up a good used one at a reasonable price. Or better yet post a WTB on this forum.
  8. I'm sure most of you have seen this already but I thought that I'd post it just in case. Uniqutek has .45 Colt and 12ga practice shells that use .22 caliber ammo here's the link: Cowboy Action Products I'm not endorsing this product, I've never used it but thought someone might be interested.
  9. @Crusty Knees do a little research on the type of windex you use windex with vinegar may not be good for your guns' finish. Here are 2 recipes you can also use: Mule Snot" Cleaner: One part Isopropal alcohol One part Hydrogen peroxide One part Murphy's oil soap "Moose Milk" Stabilizer/Lubricant: 80% water.... 20% Balistol Hope this helps
  10. But it looks like he was wearing OSHA approved work boots.
  11. Growing up in NY I remember we used to get that, milk and soda delivered to our house, those were the days.
  12. I know I learned something real S&W Schofields are out of my price range.
  13. If your SSN is suspended does that mean you don't have to pay taxes??
  14. + 1 for Dan Wesson, I've got a 9mm V-Bob and it's an awesome gun, no MIM parts and a lot cheaper than a Wilson. They're discontinued but you can still probably find one. Also, if you are retired/active LEO or Military they have a direct buy program that offers good discounts on Dan Wesson and CZ.
  15. @Scarlett will do, please PM me with price when you get a chance. Also I'd want 3F. I'm going to try the Black MZ at Comin' at Cha and make my decision from there.
  16. So I see. Yes I'm about 16 miles from the LA line and about 20 miles from Slidell. Glad to know about the graduation being 3F I shouldn't have to change the powder measure to get the same load. Thanks again.
  17. I went to Sportsman Warehouse and bought a pound of Black MZ @ $9.95/lb it's cheap. I've heard it's the same, same patent number and all. My initial concern is that it doesn't list if it's 2F, 3F. I opened the container and it looks about to be 3F so hopefully it will perform the same. The whole reason I rushed out is because I'm going on the road for a couple of months and I'm going to do 2 shoots while I'm gone and I'm about 200 rounds short. I keep them separate, use them for warm up and see how it shoots. I guess I can now wait until the last week of the trip to place an online order, still have to figure where I'm going to get it.
  18. Tyrel - I've called them twice before and it goes straight to someone's voicemail and I've never gotten a call back. I tried again today, same story. Abe - thanks I think I'll see her at either Comin' at Cha or the TN State Championship, I'll send her a message. Sedalia - I didn't know that I'll go to their website and sign up.
  19. @The Original Lumpy Gritz I looked at the APP website and their vendor list, with the exception of Gander Mountain, is outdated. Many of the places listed around here either don't carry it or are out of business. Thanks anyway Pard.
  20. @Three Foot Johnson are you kidding?? Thanks!!
  21. Any recommendations where I can buy APP online? I can't find it locally so that's out of the question.
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