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  1. Kid, if you plan on sending your guns to a good smith plan on being without them for a while. It's the nature of the beast, good smiths get a lot of work which means longer wait times.
  2. I didn't have a slicked up gun but I did have the same issue with CCI's, changed to Federal and the problem was solved.
  3. kR - sounds good, enjoy your weekend. TS
  4. That's about the dumbest thing I've heard, talk about adding unnecessary cost and inconvenience.
  5. Widder I'm with you. If NASCAR is trying to expand their market I think they're in for a surprise.
  6. My wife does too I guess that's why she's with me
  7. When it comes to carrying spare ammo remember if you need to add a cartridge during a stage having them where you can get them is the key. That's why I never understood why you'd want a gun belt where the ammo is at your back (other than for looks). Your pictured rig has them where your hand would naturally fall. Just dos pesos from Tequila
  8. After watching Warden's video and having an extra hand for each pistol I decided to try the repair myself. I'm very happy to report that I believe the problem is fixed. It took a little time, a little patience, and a whole lotta luck. Using Warden's way I put the hand on an anvil, and using the side of an old punch got a hammer out and stretched the hand oh so little. That's all it took to make things right and learn something new.
  9. Warden, thanks for all the help with the arm and timing.  I did as you showed in the video and got both pistols working the way the should.  I'm so glad I tried the repair myself, I learned something new; the guns were only out of commission a day; I didn't have to deal with another smith and the pain they cause.

    Once again thanks Pard!

    1. Warden Callaway

      Warden Callaway

      Good deal!


      I do things like this often but don't take the time to make a video. It takes a lot of time.  Glad someone benefited from it. 

  10. John just to echo what others have said a good quality rig made for you will beat any off the shelf one you find. While it may be a little pricey at first it'll pay for itself in the long run. Using a fellow SASS member means that you've got someone who knows our game so that's a good start. And as long as you like the quality of your local makers then that's the best of all worlds. A lot of the cost comes from the labor of tooling and carving so a simple well made rig might save you $$. A Buscadero rig locks your holsters in a position on the belt, with a traditional set up, even with a longer drop feature, allows you to adjust the holsters in relation to your hips. Oops SD beat me to it An unlined holster (or belt) puts the rough side of the leather against the gun, a lined holster will use 2 pieces of leather attached rough to rough so you get smooth inside and out. Don't forget to get a matching SG belt, it's easier for the leather maker to match since veg tanned leather varies from hide to hide not to mention dyes also varies.
  11. That was before any work was done. Watching Warden's video I've started the repair. I've got one done so far and going to work on the other this afternoon. I'll post an update when done.
  12. I took a break about 2 years ago and never looked back. I do miss keeping up with the guys I served with, but I don't miss all the stupidity. So now I'm off FB, stopped watching the NFL after Kappernick decided the anthem was a good time to protest, and have recently stopped watching the news other than the weather. At this point if it weren't for SASS I'd probably be a hermit
  13. Rye I'm jealous if you ever want to sell it I'll give ya a buck two ninety eight and I'll pay shipping
  14. Have brass shells that are collecting dust? Would love to get 100+ if you have them. Thanks
  15. At my club's 5th Saturday match the stages aren't written, one shooter that doesn't write stages, picks a stage and "writes" it. When I did it the targets were in the same place but I changed the sequence enough to make the shooters think. Most enjoyed that little change and thought it was challenging enough. H. K. if your target placement and your sequence of fire is different than what is normally shot maybe that's enough, keeping it straightforward, different, and challenging.
  16. I was in NOLA for Katrina. Looting was a daily thing and you’re right about the cops. They were stretched thin and over worked.
  17. The size is right not sure if it’s the profile you’re looking for. Scarlett
  18. Thanks pards I thought it was timing but it's always good to get another opinion.
  19. Welcome OOC! And I'm with Tennessee on this one hard to imagine him being ornery
  20. @Colorado Coffinmaker, @The Original Lumpy Gritz, @Warden Callaway Both pistols are doing the same thing. I ordered 2 new hands and 2 new blocks from Cimarron and put them in yesterday. The pistols are only a year old so they're still under warranty and Cimarron offered to warranty the repair. Warden that was a good video, I hadn't seen that one before. I now have 2 extra hands, I may try to stretch the arm or at the very least I can tell Cimarron/gunsmith what is wrong with them.
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