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  1. If you're man enough. After all it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  2. I'm not only new to SASS but new to BP/Sub cleaning. I've heard everything from Windex to soapy water and more. Just this weekend I found out that I could use soapy water instead of vinegar and water to put my spent brass in since I use a sub. So from all you knowledgeable pards can we get a consensus on what works best? Please say what your method works on (BP, Subs or Both). If you think you've got the best method post it, if you agree with someones post "+1" it. When the post runs it's course I'll compile the top few listed methods then maybe one of the Mods can make it a sticky for others to benefit.
  3. There was one my girlfriend dragged me to, I can't remember the name, but 10 minutes into it I fell asleep. She had to wake me when the movie was over.
  4. I can't believe no one mentioned The Waterboy, "Now that's some quality H2O"
  5. When I was younger I used to suffer from CRS - Can't Remember S**t Since I retired it's progressed now I have CRAFT - Can't Remember a Freaking Thing
  6. Never knew that, it's good information to have.
  7. Today I was looking at a post that mentioned the movie Johnny Dangerously from 1984. I'd forgotten that one, but I remember I used to have it on VHS. So, what's your favorite old (before the Snowflakes took over) movie. Stupid, funny, or any combination. I still love Dodgeball and Blazing Saddles if for nothing else than the beans scene.
  8. Have you tried Kroil after the rust is gone?
  9. Beer and Wheaties the breakfast of ex-champions Beer and Rice Krispies - Snap, Crackle, Burp
  10. McCandless does he have another way of reaching him? I don't do Facebook, I hate Big Brother watching me.
  11. Tyrel I understand what you're saying. Tennessee after watching you shoot I saw what you're talking about, but you saw me shoot too and should realize that my split time is measured with a calendar .
  12. McCandless - who did the welding it looks seamless.
  13. @Widder, SASS #59054 Which one is that? The main or side match SG? I liked your main match one it never missed
  14. These types are really starting to P*ss Me Off
  15. Wouldn't "cowboy poi" be grits? Just thinking about it is making me hungry.
  16. @Curly Ken, SASS 60011 I had the same issue with getting APP and also had to use Black MZ on occasion. They are both essentially the same for measurement. I'm loading .45 Colt and although with real BP you need to load so there is no air space and a little compression of the powder you don't have to do that with APP/Black MZ. I tried a few loads one loaded with compression, one loaded with less powder and some filler and one with just less powder. Took all 3 loads to the range and myself and another CAS shooter tried them and found that the one without the filler shot just fine, so now that's how I load them. I'm not sure if you want to hear how I came up with the amount of powder I use, if so just ask and I'll be happy to share. The .44-40 means .44 caliber bullet with 40 grains (by volume) of BP. Here is a good read by Curt Rich on loading BP subs for dummies he explains a lot. I'm sure there are other vendors that carry it but If you want APP give Scarlet Darlin (Bullets by Scarlet) a call or email, she doesn't list it on her website but does sell and ship it. Have fun, welcome to SASS, and enjoy the dark side.
  17. I wanted to change the hammers on my Pietta pistols. Got a couple of quotes, but now I'm a little reluctant to "pull the trigger" (sorry bad joke). Both companies, Cimmaron and EMF said that changing hammers would probably change the timing and they'd have to retimed. My questions are: 1. Is that true? 2. Is retiming hard to do or do have to have a gunsmith do it? 3. If it takes a gunsmith any recommendations on a good one? There's nothing wrong with the current hammers or timing, I'm just shooting Duelist and the thumb stretch on the current hammers is a little long.
  18. @Smokey Dave Thanks, just PM me with the details whenever you have them.
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