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  1. A great honor for an even better Cowboy and ambassador of the game. Well deserved and well earned. Congrats!!!
  2. Bought one at the TN State match and it saved my bacon. I use a shell checker when I reload, but I decided to check the shells before I put'em in my belt and sure 'nough found 4 that had swelled. Used the resizing side and got them back to size. Great tool to keep on the cart, I'd strongly recommend it this quality tool.
  3. On the outside chance you might try posting a "Wanted to Buy" (WTB) in the classified section, you may get lucky. Welcome back!
  4. To everyone - I had a GREAT time here and I'd like to thank y'all for making me feel welcome and for running such a fun match. I'd also like to thank Tennessee Williams and Tennessee Tombstone, posse 10 Marshal and Assistant Marshal, for the outstanding job they did. I hope to see everyone next year if not before.
  5. @McCandless this is the one I use Lemi Shine. Remember a little goes a long way, I use maybe a 1/4 teaspoon in a Frankfort.
  6. I found that if you ask in the For Sale forum that you need clothing (what type and size) some good pard out there will help you out. Just about everything I wear I bought used on the forum. The other plus is that you talk to some great cowboys.
  7. Anyone know if/when there'll be an RO2 class in the either the South East Region or Louisiana? I live in Southern MS so I'm hoping there might be one in the lower South. Thanks TC
  8. He didn't all the pistols were staged in front of him.
  9. Now that sounds like fun! I can do the grass skirt, just don't ask me to wear coconuts for my moobs. If I did that I'd scare little children and those with weak constitutions.
  10. Saw it at CaC a couple of weeks ago and thought it'd be great to keep in the gun cart, but the vendor was out of them. Lucky for me the same vendor will be at the TN state match. Even a buddy asked me to pick one up for him.
  11. I'm too much of a gentleman to say what came into my mind. LOL
  12. I was reading the other day what Misty Moonshine wrote about SASS getting a new updated website. I wonder if the Forum will be updated too and if we'll loose posts.
  13. I love getting scammers on the phone, I try to keep them talking for as long as I can. Recently I got a scam call about paycheck loans, the guy was probably in India and when I couldn't make out his name I started to call him ChaChing. When he realized that I was just playing with him he hung up. I decided that I really needed to hear about those loans so I called him back, and called him back, and again and again. Eventually they blocked my number, I guess they got the hint. The things I do when I'm bored.
  14. You were so fast on the .38 I didn't even see the rounds ejecting. How old is the video?
  15. @Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life if you're talking about the seat that Rugged Gear sells I saw it 2 weeks ago at Comin' at Cha, I thought it was a little small, it's about half the seating area of the folding ones at Walley World. I suggest seeing it in person, if you can, find a shoot that Rugged Gear will be at.
  16. I may have asked this before but before I get on the road (Tuesday), does anyone want me to bring them some cajun cracklin? This is not the kind you get in the supermarket, if you've ever been to southern Louisiana you might have tried them, it's kind of like bacon with a kick.
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