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  1. Never seen that before, thanks for sharing.
  2. should have been snapped in!
  3. Just remember, you should periodically shoot off a gun in your neighborhood, it helps keep the property values down, "i.e." keeps the taxes lower!!
  4. I agree, a two barrel shootin' gun would have done the trick on that pesky varmint.
  5. I saw a woman give an interview where she said, and i quote: "A mother shouldn't have to worry about her child getting killed every time they rob somebody"
  6. Pump action 870 "boom stick"
  7. I dont know what you guys are complaining about, its lightnin' fast on my AOL dial up ! BBZZZZZZBBBRRRRRBBEEEEPPP
  8. Fritos Cornbread Cheese burgers hot dogs
  9. From a legal stand point I cant buy my grown child a gun and give it as a gift.
  10. I was in the same boat as you. HUH????????? what shotgun? lol
  11. So they can be removed from the Cabelas model ?? is it a big pain for a gunsmith to reconfigure??
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