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  1. This was mine and Copperhead Connie’s first time at Ambush. Outstanding match! Met a plethora of amazing folks. Thanks to everyone that had a hand into making it happen. I didn’t fair so well in the standings being plagued with revolver problems. I had a great time regardless. Guess I’ll just have to come back next year with guns that work and no more excuses
  2. BTT I would also be open to old vaquero sheriff’s models.
  3. Lawd have mercy! I get to go up against the likes of Sidekick and Hurricane Charly. Kinda takes the edge off, now that I know a buckle ain’t happening See y’all soon!
  4. Looking to buy a pair of Ruger New Vaqueros with 3.75” barrels chambered in 38/357. Would prefer slicked up a bit with low hammers, but I ain’t too picky.
  5. Finally found my Golden Ticket! Applications will be on the mule tomorrow. Can’t wait to meet all you fine folk...heck I’ll even say Hi to the unfine ones too!
  6. I will be there along with my better half Copperhead Connie. We’ll register as soon as I find my get in free card I misplaced from the State Championship match.
  7. I started with a stock trigger, switched to the slix. Was unsure if I liked it. Mine sat awkwardly angled forward. Recently switched to the Shotgun Boogie Gun Works V2 and absolutely fell in love. Exactly what I was looking for all along. Can’t recommend enough.
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