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  1. Finally found my Golden Ticket! Applications will be on the mule tomorrow. Can’t wait to meet all you fine folk...heck I’ll even say Hi to the unfine ones too!
  2. I will be there along with my better half Copperhead Connie. We’ll register as soon as I find my get in free card I misplaced from the State Championship match.
  3. I started with a stock trigger, switched to the slix. Was unsure if I liked it. Mine sat awkwardly angled forward. Recently switched to the Shotgun Boogie Gun Works V2 and absolutely fell in love. Exactly what I was looking for all along. Can’t recommend enough.
  4. First and foremost have fun and don’t stress yourself chasing anyone’s times. Find your own rhythm and work down til it goes from clean to sloppy. Be sure to be honest with yourself. Gotta pretend those misses still count. So aim like you mean it. Try different sweeps as well. Dry fire practice of running a full stage from a table will do wonders for your transitions under the real clock. If you can, set up your phone to record some video of your runs, give it a shot. You may find yourself with some goofy habits you never knew were happening...well I know I sure did
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