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  1. Ended up throwing my stock trigger back in and reprofiling it. Feels pretty good, aside from the “slop” of it not being perfectly fit to the sear. It’ll do for now, until I figure out what I really want.
  2. WHOA! Now that looks way more reasonable. If you compare the angle of the trigger compared to the line of the lever near the stock. You can definitely see a difference. *googles new replacement sear*
  3. Haha, that’s some good shooting! Being a slam fire fan, I’m going to give it another week or so of practice and see if my preference changes. 1st ever match I shot, I sent a 94 marlin trigger right through my finger...had to apologize for bleeding all over the guns so kindly loaned to me Fast forward to now and I find out my 73 has a taste for blood as well haha.
  4. Yeah, the forward angle of the trigger feels very unnatural to me. I’m a habitual fiddler, so I’m going to play around with your idea of reprofiling the trigger.
  5. Here is an installed pic of the Slix-Trigger. You can see how far forward and angled towards the muzzle it sits.
  6. I have taken a liking to the slam fire technique over the last few weeks of practice. I feel as if with the slix trigger, I’m getting on the trigger too soon and really having to focus on getting the lever all the way closed when moving the tempo up. Something that was natural for me on a further back set trigger. I’m sure it’s something i could train out. I cant stress how important this approach is, with nearly every aspect of life! Good to know! Thanks for all of the replies. I know most of these things boil down to preference and technique...multiplied times practice...divided by ability. I feel as if I may be Goldilocks’ing myself here a bit haha, the Slix sits too forward for my taste, and the stock sits a little too far back, while feeling more natural. Trying to find that perfect middle ground.
  7. I’m curious as to whether anyone has any experience or input using the Sure Hit “no bite” trigger for the Uberti 1873 rifle from Slick Magic Guns. Not to be confused with the straight Slix-Trigger found elsewhere. “No Bite” shown here This is the straight Slix-Trigger I have the straight Slix-trigger. While it did clean up most of the trigger flop. I seem to not be a fan of how far forward and angled towards the muzzle it sits within the trigger guard. Decided to throw the stock trigger back in for a test run and managed to instantly send it right into my trigger finger bleeding pretty good as I type haha. “No Bite” it sounding pretty nice right about now. Any input is much appreciated.
  8. I managed to tangle myself up in my lever action with dry fire practice last night. Boy was that a heck of a “How’do Ya do”
  9. My stoeger coach out of the box took a tremendous amount of force over my knee just to break open. I pulled the gun completely apart. Checked for burs on all surafaces. Sanded with 600 grit with oil on the burs, (be extremely careful not to change for tollerences too much) then finished with 1500 grit with oil making sure everything was smooth. Then polished all faces. After just that, the gun felt a million times better. I still wasn’t completely satisfied, but after 100 shells through the pipes, she falls open slick as can be.
  10. Barbatos

    *Tips Hat*

    Legend has it I popped out with it. I usually will trim it back every year, but I let it go wild this last year or two
  11. Barbatos

    *Tips Hat*

    Juat a little mid stage trim...nuthin’ too bad haha Ain’t it the truth, I somehow managed to miss my whole mouth drinking coffee after the shoot Saturday. Luckily the beard soaked it right up haha
  12. 1000rnds 3 day priority shipped in a metal USGI ammo can, came out to be 26 cents a round for me, back when I purchased. I see their shipping has increased slightly though now. Putting it closer 27.4 cents I do agree reloading is the way obviously. Figured I’d give them a try and reload the brass afterwards.
  13. I bought a 1,000rnd “canned heat” box of their 125g round nose flat .38spl cowboy loads. So far it’s been extremely consistent with no light primer strikes or case splits. Ran great through my 1873 as well. As as far as I can tell Highly Recommend To anyone not yet reloading they are a great option as they give discounts if you send in your old brass.
  14. Barbatos

    *Tips Hat*

    Haha, appreciate the compliment. It was a tough decision not to go with Marty Mobbins as my Alias. Figured it was a good gunfighter word play on his name.
  15. Barbatos

    *Tips Hat*

    Hope to meet as many as I can out on the trail, now just to obtain those skills I was instructed haha My sass number is 108158. I’m not sure where that other number got pasted from. Sorry for the confusion. Thank ya kindly!
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