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  1. Thanks all! This is great information! I have a bunch of the AA hulls but only very few STS or Gun Club hulls. I will be on the lookout for these. I have picked out a few "scorched" AA hulls and will toss them away. I sure don't want to get anything stuck in the SXS. I will keep an eye out for splitting on the folds at the crimp end and use a chamber checker on each round. Looking for a Mec Supersizer but have not run across one I can afford. Abilene - Looking forward to the shoot and helping out with the Boy Scout demo. See you there!
  2. I have heard that Winchester AA hulls should only be reloaded once. Can anyone tell me why that is (before I learn the hard way) I have heard from others that they reload them multiple times. I am new to shot shell reloading and wanting to learn. What are your experiences?
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