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  1. This has been a hard week. I just saw him two weeks ago. My sympanthies on your loss.
  2. This is particulary hard. Talon,Kat, Molly are broken today.Molly inparticular.What Bea did for her isstill leaves her without words . Dave( Roland) we pray for your family and offer our condolences. Blue (Talon)
  3. Did not write that stage but helped The snellville Kid build it. Glad you enjoyed it. We all enjoyed bringing it to you.
  4. Having been a part of The Shootout at Mule Camp for about ten of those Fourteen years and written three of the matches myself I have a great understanding for both sides of this coin. I worked for and closely with San Quinton for many years and I hate to think about sitting there and him predicting this entire situation. I do believe Rainmaker is right however and that it has to be one way or the highway. I think that props and some fun things HAVE to return or at least in some areas this will end. When I am asked about the gadgets that I used to write for Mule Camp by new shooters when they find out they come and ask again and again. By the way I have not been on the wire since 2008. Be Kind I do love this Game. Blue Speirman #29883
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