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  1. The steam is why ranchers always called cow-pies "hand warmers".
  2. Pineapple-date bar -- actually more like an apple crisp, but without the apples. Actually very healthy, but really rich.
  3. After many years, I just enjoyed re-reading this famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. At one time I had it memorized, but time has now stolen most of it. It's a good, sobering short read. It still roots out the patriot in me, especially in these upside-down seeming times.
  4. How long after breakfast was the survey taken?
  5. OK, I'll reveal my ignorance. What is it supposed to be or do? Warmth, phone, microphone, windshield, dental braces, helmet, bad breath control, or just adornment ? Are they binary, gender-specific, or whatever the opposite is this week?
  6. Watching them again, do you get "the rest of the story"?
  7. Accuracy in Reporting, these days, is an oxymoron.
  8. Putin knows the public uproar over leaving an ex-marine while saving an unpatriotic athlete will force Biden to desperately deal and make really big concessions for the ex-marine.
  9. What the books and movies don't tell us is that if you went back to 1883, you'd spend half of your time just procuring enough firewood to survive the winter, and half of the rest making sure you have seed grain or money enough to buy flower for the year. During the Ca Gold Rush, the folks who made all of the money were the ones selling wood, food, liquor and sex. Big families were the way to get the person-power to accomplish life's necessities. I often wonder how much a guy could have made back then with only a chainsaw and wood splitter (and fuel to run them). Another life in another time!
  10. I think the color and LBGQTRDSKL was probably more important than the doper or athlete part in getting her traded. But I have not seen what happened to the non-black, non LB G(whatever) journalist. Hope he was included. I hope this Admin doesn't think only Black lives matter.
  11. A generation of one-trick ponies. All of the young folks can work every feature of a phone or tablet. But that has been their sole focus. They learned to do very little else. Without a calculator or Internet connection, they can't tell you the number of Sq, feet in a 2' x 2' square. I once interviewed a young man and asked him to weigh a coffee cup (the job involved weighing fish). He looked at the gram scale and said he didn't know how to weigh in metric. It isn't just the Gen Z people. Their coddled Millennial parents aren't much broader. Knowing only one thing very well seems to be a characteristic of those generations. You meet a nice seeming young person and ask what their interest is or what career plans they have. At least 70% say "computer this" or "computer that". Maybe that many I.T. people will be needed. Who can say. But somebody had better teach them how to take the screws out of a computer cabinet. Many have never touched a screwdriver.
  12. Today, my wife bought groceries. The young clerk told her it was $75, so my wife handed her a $ 100 bill. She input the $100 into the computer-register and the machine made change. But the change was not the expected even $25. The machine dumped coin change into the little COVID cup and the cashier began counting paper money change When the total finally appeared on the screen, it explained the discrepancy. The toral was actually $75.57. My wife didn't want the coin or small bills, so she handed the cashier the other $.57. The young clerk froze in place, pulled out her phone, and tried using the calculator to figure out how to handle the $.57. My wife explained: "I gave you $100.57. It costs $75.57, so just give me $25 change." The clerk didn't understand or believe her. She phoned the floor manager -- a young Millennial-age man. He played with the computer-register for a moment, canceling the transaction. Then he again scanned in all of the groceries, with the same $75.57 total. He took my wife's $100.57 payment and handed her $25. All was well------ until he reminded her to get her change out of the cup. My wife told him that if she took it, the register would come up short. He said it would not, because "the computer automatically computes the correct change". My wife left the change in the cup and left the store. It appears that several generations have not learned very basic arithmetic or critical thinking skills. It's kind of scary seeing what our schools have de-prioritized. I can't wait to see them handle crypto-currency.
  13. I don't even know what it was that I did wrong! ---Well I guess that's not entirely true (I thought I felt a lightening bolt starting to form nearby).
  14. Wow! I think I'd better wash and sanitize my hands after handling my phone to read about this stuff. I hope all of you feel better asap, without any complications. UB, congrats on your pretty new land lord!
  15. We need a horror-stricken looking emoji!
  16. Just received it. The accompanying letter says, "The card identifies you for discounts with affiliates and partners listed on the back..." But the back of mine is BLANK. Are there no SASS affiliates and/or partners, or is there more to come?
  17. In the old days, we used to put Malachite Green dye powder on truck gas caps. The powder doesn't show up much, but it permanently dyes skin bright green as soon as it gets wet. When gas was siphoned out of our trucks in those days, we just went up to the high school bus stop the next morning and looked around at the hands. Now, I think Malachite Green is a restricted-sale "carcinogen", like most everything else in California.
  18. Personally. I prefer the look of the female legs. (I'd fight before I'd switch!)
  19. Some I've seen in video or news articles weren't bad looking. I thought about leaving packages on the porch as bait.
  20. Fair enough. But recall, I said I was respectfully leaving this thread. I don't think that my facts or opinions will do very much to convince people whose minds are pretty much made up. No real point in debating here in the Saloon untill the last man is standing. Everyone's points are fully valid, but the dogs don't know it. They just do what they're bred and trained to do.
  21. I was surprised a couple years back when an engineer I was working with had heard of slide-rules, but had never seen one. When I took my old Pickett over for him to play with, he became fascinated; appreciating the mathematical principles of logrythm addition and subtraction. He soon ordered one from someplace on Amazon. He took it to work to show to the other young engineers who'd never seen one. I found it amazing that engineers would never have seen one.
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