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  1. 10 minutes ago, Major Wemyss said:

    Just getting started, got my second 1971 Open Top, a Stoeger coach gun and a Rossi 92, considering the services of a gunsmith.  If anyone knows of such a smith anywhere near Panama City, I'd be obliged to have his info.

    Which Panama City?

  2. 16 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    Sadly, I knew where this story was going. 
    Quite honestly I would have a hard time with this and probably could end up in jail. 
    I don’t play well with bureaucrats. 

    One of my coworker’s sons in Oregon had a very similar scenario. Only his son and a friend went late at night and broke into the facility and rescued the dog. Problem was they got pulled over and got busted. Security system alerted police. 
    The dog went back up the pound and the two boys spent the night in jail. 
    The scumbag manager of the pound had the dog killed the next day. The young man and his friend got probation but now have a record. 

    There is very little worse than a self-centric bureaucrat who knows how to insulate themself.  

    Honestly, I can understand a lot of their hesitancy, considering that dog's can be pretty unpredictable with strangers or kids who scare or hurt them.  

    But in this case, Shelly walked into the facility with the dog on a leash, sat in a waiting room with it lying obediently at her feet while she reached down and petted it.  They could and should have at least let her help them look for a chip.   

    It is probably good that I wasn't there.  If I had been, not unlike your Oregon friend, I likely would have gone into the Shelter's back room, and retrieved myself a Husky pet, and earned myself a criminal record. 

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  3. A too-true encounter.


    On her way home one afternoon, a friend's wife, Shelly, found a beautiful adult Husky walking along the roadside, approaching and surveying passing cars like a lost dog.   She stopped and climbed out, greeted the dog, opened the rear door of the pickup and the dog jumped in.

    She took it home, fed it and gave it a bath.  It was a neutered male, but wore no collar or tags, although the fur was creased, appearing to have recently worn a collar.   

    Shelly was sure it was somebody's pet.   She kept it indoors and found it affectionate, playfull with her daughter, and fairly well-trained.  It slept obediently at the foot of their bed.  


    She posted signs around their area, trying to locate the dog's owners, but  had no luck after a week.  A  neighbor suggested if the dog was neutered, it probably had an ID chip inserted behind one ear. 


    At that point Shelly hated to give up her new friend, but she did "the right thing" and took the dog to the local City-funded  SPCA shelter to see if they could read a chip and locate the owner.  If not (or if the owner no longer wanted the dog), Shelly and her family wanted to adopt it. 


    The staff took the leashed Husky to another room and came back shortly saying the dog was too aggressive.  They were unable to check it for a chip.  It hadn't tried to attack or bite anyone, but it was not wearing rabies or license tags, and it had growled at the staff when approached.


    In disbelief, Shelly asked if she could go in to try to calm the dog down.  To her shock, they refused to allow her in the room.  Further they said their policies require that they not handle, vaccinate or release an aggressive animal back to anyone, or allow anyone to adopt and license the dog, "until and unless" their 'Animal Behavioral Specialist Team' determined that it could be safely allowed to leave the secure facility.  If they determined that the dog was too aggressive for adoption, it would be euthanized after 24 hours. 


    Shelly was devastated.  She demanded to be allowed to show them that the dog was non-aggressive.   The facility Director (a quintessential bureaucrat) was called, and Shelly was directed to leave the facility. 


    Her husband made over a dozen calls to the facility, to several State Legislators, City Council members, the City Mayor, and to a local radio station personality who has an obvious  affinity for dogs and cats.  He immediately broadcast the situation, trying to bring public pressure to the City and SPCA Director to at least let Shelly demonstrate that the dog was non-aggressive. 


    The facility Director made no statements and did not respond to the radio station or legislator inquiries.  


    All of Shelly's efforts were to no avail.  The lovable dog was promptly euthanized after being held 24 hours.  At no point before or after its death did anyone check for an ownership chip.


    Bottom line, if you find a lost animal, do NOT EVER take it to the SPCA or City "Shelter" to get its chip read.  Instead, call a veterinarian and/or find someone else who can look for and read an ownership  chip-- or just give the dog a good home.  

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  4. On 1/27/2023 at 6:45 AM, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    I happened to notice this on a can of Sure deodorant. I thought it was pretty funny. I think from now on, in my best Thurston Howell the third accent, I will refer to Canada as “The Canada”. :lol:


    It appears the word 'Canada' was patched in.  Hard to tell from the photo angle. but it appears to be a slightly larger font.

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  5. On 1/10/2023 at 2:45 PM, Rip Snorter said:

    Simply, they want you cold, hungry, poor, unable to travel and entirely dependent on your rulers for survival.

    It is U.N. Agenda 21 still being implemented. The U.N. policy document was signed years ago by GHW Bush. It became the little known  Progressive Play Book --  273 pages of prescription for total governmental control.  Some features:


    > No motorized vehicles-- only bicycles. 

    > All persons eventually living in urban high-rises (to save farmland). 

    >All farmland owned and operated by the various participating  governments of the One World Order. 

    >No civilian firearms. 


    It goes on and on and on -- all ostensibly aimed at long-term  survival of the Earth and of world humanity, but really aimed at everyone becoming oppressively controlled subjects with no means of escape.   


    Download and take a look at it sometime when your blood pressure is too low and your wife and family are not near enough to hear your comments. It is the root of much of the senselessness we are seeing being turned into public policy.  (It is always good to understand your adversaries)


    I understand 21  is now replaced by Agenda 2040, which is much worse in policies, but more carefully disguised as woke necessities and public safety.  



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  6. 4 hours ago, Tennessee Trapper Tom said:

    Trust me I’d rather be sleeping. Last night I went to bed at 830. Actually stayed in bed for the most part til 930 am. However because of this sinus and lung crap going around I was running and 102 fever. Had to cancel blood work and an appt with my pulmonologist. Tested negative for covid. I don’t think you want to market a lack of sleep. 

    Oh, you were talking about sleep?

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  7. 17 hours ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Omagerd! ! 
    I’m in the Fortress of Solitude in anticipation of the coming Apocalypse! Me phone line went out this morning. And the Interweb. No bars on the cellphone. 
    Tortally off the grid. Only comes back for a moment

    or two at a time.

     Very scary! What if I fall and can’t getup. What if bourbon wasn’t the cause? How do I check my Our Time likes??

    PutIn? Kim Jung Loon??
    The only thing I have for protection in Monsieur F. Pedicaris.
    And a safe full of guns!

     I think I’ll sell the ranch and move to a town where I’ll be safe. Oh woe is me! I shall endeavor to persevere!



    How did you post this?  4G? 5G?

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  8. Cap'n,

    I have the same foot problem as you--almost identical!

    I bear weight only on the heel and balls of my feet.  I have to use a piece of trimmed 1/2" carpet as an insert OVER my orthotic, otherwise my feet hurt all night.  The carpet (recommended by my Podiatrist) does work pretty well.  I cut them the same as my orthotic inserts, except they do not extend under the toes.  The Podiatrist thought that would help to relieve and help correct the my hammer-toe condition.  

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  9. I wear a pair of Whites Logging boots (steel toe, steel shank with spikes) that I've worn in heavy  logging and tractor work for 28 years.  I've  damaged the uppers once (chain saw scuff) and worn out the soles once in that time.   


    They are heavy, stiff-- they give great ankle support, walking on top of logs while limbing, they are reliably snakeproof,  and extremely durable. 


    As above, I've sent them back for repairs twice.  Both times they quickly contacted me and replaced the boots free of charge and paid shipping both ways. 

    The boots are not lightweight by any stretch, but they give great support and protection.  And the lifetime warranty makes them among the lowest cost boots out there, IF you ever need them replaced. 

    I think I paid $550 in 1993 or 94, and I'm on the second free replacement, which makes the cost $550/3 =$183


    I tried a pair of $280 Danners for a time, looking for a lighter weight boot.  They did not hold up very well in my heavy work.  


    I have not worn the lighter weight Whites, so I can't attest, but their warranty is bomb-proof.  

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  10. 2 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Drive a stick?  This is the first thing that came to mind when I read the thread title.



    We once had a monthly Halloween Match stage where for the start-line you had to hold up a broom and say, " Of course I can drive a stick!"

    Lots of laughs.

  11. My wife has severe hearing loss.   She bought a $3500 set of Re-sound hearing aids about a year ago.  They gave her nearly perfect hearing until literally 3 days after the 6 month warranty expired, when they abruptly quit communicating with the company's adjustment App on her Android Phone.   All of the blue-tooth functions, including telephone connection, are now completely dysfunctional. 

    So they won't adjust from her phone, nor do they stay at the amplification she sets by pressing buttons on the ear-pieces themselves.  The devices   suddenly amplify themselves beyond what she can tolerate,  or they go completely dead. 


    But in the 5% of time when they communicate correctly with the App (which is randomly unpredictable) she hears wonderfully.  So the issue is in the devices, not in her hearing.


    We've been back to the vendor (COSTCO) multiple times. Working with the Re-sound Reps via telephone, they are unable to fix the blue-tooth problems.  They just tell us they are working normally.


      We're at the point of throwing away the expensive junk and looking for another product that actually works as advertised.  


    Does anyone out there have hearing aids that you are pleased with?  --- ones that actually function properly with the company's  Android-operative App?  

    I'd be very interested in seeing the pros and cons of different brands.  

    (I posted this problem about 6 months ago, but now that we've given up on her existing devices and are actively shopping, I cannot find the old thread.) 



  12. 1 hour ago, Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619 said:

    I enjoy waking up at midnight to the banging pans in the neighborhood, and often some distant fireworks. It's pleasant to contemplate the New Year at that moment, then cozyly drift back to sleep.

    Around here, it's a virtual war zone.  every year there are more bullets in the air at one time  than in my safes.  Stupid people with zero understanding what they're doing.  

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  13. I know this is two hours early for the California New Year, but I'm heading off to bed -- what a boring New Years Eve today, sitting inside all day, listening to the rain.  


    An old friend now living in a nearby assisted living senior facility told me they have a rip roaring New Years party every year.  They celebrate the new year at 12:00  Eastern Standard Time (9:00 California Time).  Perfect for their age group.  

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  14. Yes, they do get charged.


    Many years ago, I was rescued by the Coast Guard off of the Central CA coast.  I was SCUBA diving in the big cove at Montana De Oro State Park and I got into a strong  offshore rip current.  With high surge and low visibility, I didn't realize it until I was swept out of the cove and into another passing current.  When surfaced, I was several miles offshore. 


    My partner managed to make it to shore.  He drove up to the State Park HQ.  The Rangers there  had done the drill before, and immediately  notified the Coast Guard. 


    A CG rescue boat came out of Morro Bay Harbor, 4 miles  north.  The crew knew the current patterns, and with help of a Civil Air Patrol fixed- wing spotter plane they quickly found me and pulled one very  scared 17-year-old out of the ocean.  I was given a quick ride back to Morro Bay. 


    A week later, my dad got an invoice for $1970 (1966 dollars).  Worth every penny!



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  15. One caution about spraying any cleaning solvents.  Some .32 Rugers have painted rather than blued or C-H color finishes on the lower frame.  The cleaners will strip the paint to bare metal.  Ask me how I know.  

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  16. On 12/26/2022 at 8:01 PM, I. M. Crossdraw, SASS# 8321 said:

    There is a pin that is holding the firing pin bushing.  You can locate this pin by opening the loading gate and you will see a hole/opening.  This pin needs to be punched out in order to remove the bushing.   After you removed the bushing, it has to be reinstalled at the exact same alignment, otherwise you will not be able to insert the pin that holds the bushing.  


    If it's crud in there, one option is to spray a cleaner through the FP opening, occasionally depressing the FP forward to loosen any debris and repeat the process till it's clean.  This is one way I clean mine.  

    A loooong spray of carburetor cleaner, while moving the firing pin back and forth will normally clean out any residual crud. 


     There are also extended firing pins and lighter firing pin return springs available from many vendors.  Either will give harder primer hits, as will a heavier Main (hammer) Spring.  I would try a firmer hammer spring as my second option, if cleaning the fp boring  doesn't fix it.  

  17. Badman Bullets in Oregon has cast lead and poly coated bullets in all the common CAS calibers and a big array of weights and bullet contours.  Their pricing can be a shade higher at times, but their products are precisely uniform and very clean, plus they ship free across the contiguous US and AK, which is substantial.  

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