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  1. If youve never shot the Western Regional, you definitely owe it to yourself to give this great match and event a try. You'll find the match itself really well planned and very well run. And any way you look at it, it's hard to beat camping for five days on the gorgeous Central California coast. The event gets better every year, because the Chorro Valley Regulators keep adding more activities to make the time and camaraderie more fun. Once you try it, you will want to return every year.
  2. PLEASE !!! When your creative "sweep juices" are flowing, don't forget the three spotters and T.O. who will have a hard time following if things get too wild or variable between shooters.
  3. Rifle (Uberti-Beretta 1873 in .38/.357 21" barrel) Badman Bullets 130g RNFP ring-waxed lead at 1.545" COAL. Pistols (.38/.357 5" barrels) Badman Bullets 105g TCFP ring-waxed lead at 1.41" COAL. I use the shorter, tapered Pistol rounds for rifle top reloads. They feed more smoothly but they are too short to cycle in the rifle action. Load is 3.3g Titegroup in Starline cases for both Rifle and Pistols. No leading or residue issues. PF Rifle = +- 68 PF Pistols =+- 64 Hope this is helpful.
  4. Something apparently changed about the time you installed the new springs. You didnt say you changed either the carrier of ladle, so I wouldnt rush to modify either. When the carrier is rising and falling in operation, the loading gate ladle should be fully closed (outward) and immobile. Is the ladle screw fully tightened? and if so, is the ladle closed fully or does it protrude inward a bit (it doesn't take very much to interfere). It sounds like the ladle may need to be replaced, or reformed to close more fully. Sometimes I have to push forward on the last round loaded a second time to free the ladle tip from touching the rear of the case. Just thoughts. Garrison Joe is right about being conservative about what to change. Sometimes the problem is not what it first appears to be and changing things just adds additional problems.
  5. It looks like a .32 cal. If so, a steel wet tumbling pin might have jambed across the case and been forced during deprime, thus creating the external "pimple". Just speculating.
  6. If it doesn't belong to me, then it does belong to somebody else. There is no unowned property or money out there. Hard to enjoy a 1911 that isn't really mine.
  7. Do you think that kind of thing would happen today? Or would all the young men and women still be at the gym or in front of mirrors managing their image?
  8. Sounds like 'Lawyer up time'. I cannot imagine a court-- particularly not a jury-- letting an international company the size of AT&T get away with that. That's IF they could find 12 jurors who have not had bad experiences with the company themselves.
  9. Have Mini-excavator Will Travel!
  10. I have nothing but good things to say about Starlink. Musk has that act totally together. It practically sets itself up, except mounting the antenna. Everything works perfectly right out of the box. My download speed is always over 85 mbps, and upload speed is around 35. That is a far cry from Paying AT&T for 75 mbps and getting less than 3. Before I made the jump over to Starlink, I talked with quite a few users, including a couple homeowners I did not know, but I noticed their Starlink antenna and knocked on their door. Nobody had a bad word to say about it. Now, after enjoying it for 6 months, I know why.
  11. No. We have zero service. I personally climbed their pole in January and pulled our land line plug (sent them a photo). The irony is that while they supplied us with a paultry 2.6 mbps download speed via their 40 year-old, dilapidated land line, they ran a 5G fibre optic cable across the front of our property with no easement, and refused us and all of our neighbors a connection. Their old land line cable spans 790 feet between two pokes, and it sags to just 11' 8" above my driveway street entrance. For over three years I've tried to get service to install another pole. Ive called their customer service line, stopped their service trucks on the road, even reported it to County Compliance Office. I finally gave up on them and propped up their cable atop the crookedest 18' 4x4 pole I could find, just so I could get my travel trailer out the driveway. The 4x4 has been there 1-1/2 years and they've never noticed it. What a sick excuse for a "Service Provider" company-- the phone company with zero communication!
  12. Has anyone succeeded in terminating services with AT&T. I'd be interested in how you accomplished that. For 40+ years AT&T has been the only landline telephone company available here where I live. We long ago terminated the landline telephone service in favor of cell phones, but they remained our Internet Service Provider, absent any other viable options at this location. In January we finally became fed up with AT&T's lousy Internet service and their virtual communication barriers to report problems or service failures. We bought a Starlink system antenna and have never regretted it if one-half second. That is when the real fun began with AT&T. I called to terminate all AT&T services. After a 4- hour wait on hold, I finally got through their phone tree to a real person (a subcontractor in Shri Lanka). They said they looked but could. not find our account and denied that it ever existed. (Never mind the 40+ years of billing notices). I emailed them a scanned copy of my most recent monthly bill to assist their search, but they still could not terminate my services (which to their highly advanced computer system did not exist). They directed me to their website, saying that it was the only way to terminate service. I explained that I couldn't go to their website, because my modem was by then disconnected and their land line to my home had not worked for three months. They still insisted that I needed to use the website access. On Feb 9th, I sent (to the address on the billing statement) a registered, return receipt letter terminating all of my AT&T services. I included billing statements to enable them to cancel the correct account. I received the signed-off USPS return receipt on February 21. Every month since then I have received a billing statement for the terminated account (that they told me they had no evidence of its existence). Yesterday, I received a notice that I have been sent to collections for my unpaid invoices. It included no contact person, no customer service address, no contact phone number, and no instructions how to follow up. In describing this to friends, I find I am not the first to find it impossible to terminate an AT&T account. So that is the reason for my original question --has anyone actually accomplished account termination and do you have any advice to offer?
  13. I also slip hammer, as do many of the better shooters that I shoot with and watch. It works very well for some people, less so for others. N&V is right-- find out what works for you and practice that. Personally I like being able to maintain my solid strong hand grip with all of my fingers, rather than having to keep moving one finger. And I find it is nearly impossible to retract a trigger finger without imparting a tiny bit of wrist rotation (try it with arm extended), which for me is sometimes enough to move the 5" barrel off target. But different things work best under a timer for different people.
  14. Moisture is a problem in lots of locations, to be sure. In Fresno, CA, our days during most seasons are warm enough to dry cases thoroughly in the sun in an hour or so. In the winter, I just lay them out on a cookie sheet in front of the fireplace or go over them lightly with a heat gun. But I thoroughly tumble the water out of them first in a separator.
  15. No doubt you are correct. I just like to stretch my brass through as many cycles as possible (and I dislike depriming).
  16. Youre right, Yul. It is sold mainly as an abrasive additive for jewelry dry tumbling. But I noticed that it stings a bit if you get the granules in an open wound or get a bit of the dust in your eyes, so I put 1/2 tsp in a quart jug of distilled water and left it overnight. PH after 12 hours came out 4.8 -- about like half-dilute vinegar. I note that the abrasive itself, cutting at the brass of the primer pockets, might not be a real good thing either, if you're looking for a snug primer fit.
  17. Lots of folks disagree on every aspect of hand loading -- and you are perfectly welcome to load rounds however you want to. I do a lot of things differently to others. My truck license used to be UBUIBME.
  18. (Others here will disagree) FWIW, I do not deprime before wet tumbling with either ceramic or steel media. Both media types are much harder than brass and when washed or rubbed together (as occurs when the media cleans the cup), they will remove very small amounts of metal from the insides and bottom of the primer cup. After a number of cleanings, the cups are going to loosen and deepen. The change will be very slight, but the altered dimensions will be slightly beyond their original specs. The slightly acid solutions used in tumbling (like Lemishine or Stratasheen) also don't do any favors to the inside of the precision-made primer cup. There really is no need to remove the deposits in the cup. The presence of the primer body during firing prevents very much deposition, and depriming itself removes most of what little is there (take a look in the cup after depriming). I have never had a case where primers could not be fully seated due to residue build-up. However; loose or too- deep primer seating can cause ftf problems in guns with reduced hammer springs. ---- And for me, the extra deprime step was always a PITB.
  19. I contemplated mounting a taper die on my gun cart, but the cart is already weighted down with more than any sane shooter needs. So I wondered how long the taper will last after being sized. I machined my own taper die similar to the quickLoader dimensions (stamped it 12 ga to make it legal). Then I bought on Ebay ($40) a used MEC 600 Jr loader, stripped off everything except the final crimp station, and mounted my taper die in Station 4 above the other (near) side of the shellplate. I can quickly re-crimp, then taper/resize the loaded rounds. I made measurements, using Rem. STS green cases. Here is the data-- these are averages, based on 25 rounds. Factory crimped STS case with no taper: 0.783 across crimp. Crimp diameters: At time of taper resize: 0.749 1 hrs after: 0.749 12 hrs later: 0.751 24 hrs later: 0.751 7 days later: 0.752 60 days later: 0.755 90 days later: 0.767 So you be the judge whether or not to carry the taper tool around on your cart. I note that I ran the measurements between December and March, in cold temperatures (stored in non-heated garage). Warm season numbers may be very different. I've included a couple pics: Top shell in top photo is taper-resized. Lower is simply crimped on my MEC 9000. Lower photo shows arrangement on the used press frame.
  20. That about sums it up. It's never an easy stage to shoot. Some shooters have it figured out and practiced. They do OK. Surprisingly, I've looked back at scores and there were not very many Procedurals. I've seen quite a few shooters shoot it below 16 ( both R and P targets using the Hangman). It isn't really as bad as it looks at first glance.
  21. It isn't particularly new - been around a while. You have to think in threes. 123--- 234 ---345---3. It isn't what anybody would call GF-friendly, or even two-handed shooter-friendly (pistol split can be a challenge under the clock). Rifle is a lot simpler. I've run into it in matches fairly often.
  22. Agree. A no-shoot hostage target or two can be fun, but otherwise extra targets often turn out to be "P" traps. It helps if they are painted differently, but like you said --WHY have them at all?
  23. Add Hangman or Rattlesnake Sweep: 1232343453
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