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  1. It's been a good discussion, IMO. Interesting how different people approach spotting, and dealing with spotters as a PM.
  2. Good to have a loooooong tube barrel pump. When the power goes off, you can manually retrieve some fuel from a fuel station's underground tanks. Better also have a heavy bolt cutter to open the fill cap ---- and teach your wife or kid to stand guard and not fire a gun too close to or downwind from you and the tank.
  3. How about at least a handbook describing what to watch for and what is and is not a miss?
  4. So what do you folks think about a spotters manual or at least a training briefing at bigger matches?
  5. Seems like there would be value in some kind of short training pamphlet describing how to do miss spotting-counting properly. The SHB has some information, but not in enough depth. The RO classes and handbooks have more, but unhappily, relatively few shooters (particularly new shooters) get exposed to those materials. Yet everyone who enters a match (even bigger matches) is encouraged to perform the spotting duties, regardless of training, eyesight, or any other limitations -- even in bigger matches. Am I missing something? My experience is that Posse Leaders and T.O.s often don't pay close enough attention to spotter position or attention, or they watch sporadically. Nothing turns shooters off from returning to an event faster than poor quality spotting. Just a thought. Is this a place where some more formal training focus would be helpful?
  6. I bet it's max speed is pretty fast with a 3-speed prop.
  7. But pointing directly at your head or chest while pushing the cart isn't exactly a "safe direction".
  8. My first thought was "Millennials". But then I realized that whoever did it knew which way to turn the nuts. Seriously, It could be a temporary install, awaiting a permanent correction. I don't know what's at the other end, but when you need a traffic sign or light, you need it then, not a month later.
  9. I suspect it was made a minor safety violation because it indicates the shooter's inattention to the condition of their firearm -- and an obvious safety rule violation.
  10. Actually, I was a State of Ca fishery biologist, doing research on black bass populations for the first fifteen years of my career. I've spent hundreds of hours lying on the bottom of reservoirs with a SCUBA, observing bass nesting behavior and egg/ fry survival factors. Our agency regulated fishing tournaments, so some of the research was focused on increasing survival of released fish. One factor that greatly affected bass fry survival was the continuous presence of the male bass to guard the redd (nest) and emergent fry. When a bluegill school located the nest, the male could not chase one of them very far, or in his absence, the other BG quickly devoured the reproductive products -- either eggs or fry. So a big factor affecting bass population maintenance is fishing during their nesting season (which also happens to be the best fishing season when many of the really large fish are caught). If a male fish is released immediately, they can often return to the fry school before predators locate them. But if they are held in a live well for more than a few minutes, while the angler tries to catch larger fish and cull the smaller ones, then the fry school is lost. So the individual adult fish caught by anglers are saved by being released at times of culling or weigh-in, but the tens of thousands of their progeny will certainly be lost. So catch and release during spawning times is not the panacea it is touted to be.
  11. What I don't understand is why they prohibit performance enhancing drugs/steroids, UNLESS you are trans-sexual. Then taking some of the same drugs to physically support your mental state does not disqualify you. Being part of the woke agenda seems to make you exempt.
  12. Actually, with bass at least, it is the male who guards the fry school.
  13. Just forget about his defective car and trying to do him a favor. You tried. Now just let the LE people tell him in a less friendly way.
  14. Who gives a %**&$ ??? He broke the record essentially by competing on a different plane. The women just need to refuse to acknowledge his record and move on. It isn't a womans' record -- its a Trans record in the final analysis. The wokies want to overthink everything. Just ignore them.
  15. Great suggestions. Thank you!
  16. We have tried it extensively. We have been using it off and on for several years. I'm not "naysaying". I believe I said the product is "wonderful", but the cost is less wonderful, and our club has other priorities for that money. I'm very aware of its coverage capability and it's ease of application. But our club shoots two five-stage or six-stage matches each month. Each stage usually has 8 to 10 target plates, (excluding SG, which we do not paint.) That means we paint 80 to 100 targets per month, with repainting between (usually 2) posses. So we paint 160 to 200 targets monthly. Each can of Steel Target Paint will do about 15 plates, varying by the number of hits put on the plates by a posse. So for each month we use about 1-1/2 cans per 2-day stage x 10 stages = 15 cans/month. The price quote I got from the distributors website was $6.50/can, plus the shipping for 48 cans which was $73. That is over $100/month, just for temporary target painting, and it does not count our Annual Match with five or six posses each shooting 11 stages. So my cost estimate of $1,100 is pretty low end. And again, we have other priorities for that kind of money. But I grant that the product is the best we have seen from a spray can.
  17. I've read that wet paint rollers can be put in plastic bags in the freezer indefinitely between uses. Has anyone tried that?
  18. I agree, the stuff is wonderful to work with. But at $8.50/can, including the expensive shipping, and using as many as 5 cans or more per day X 2 days/month (and 20 cans + for our annual), we can buy a bunch of new targets every year with that $1,100. It just seems like too much to be spending only for temporary paint. So we are looking for alternatives.
  19. We considered that option. So a couple questions: 1) is it really less costly--how often did you have to buy paint (now $40/gal for cheapest) 2) do people damage expensive clothing by paint splatter off rollers, or spills?
  20. We are noticing that the cheap Walmart or Home Depot paint is getting thinner and thinner, and out of the last 48 cans, we had 3 with no propellant. We had to charge them via compressor.
  21. Target Paint cost has skyrocketed, and so has shipping cost for paint in aerosol cans bought via mail order. The cheapest paint out there is sold by Home Depot, Lowes, or Wallmart, (Project Source brand) and even that is now pushing $3/can. It has very little pigment, so it seems like it takes forever to repaint a target plate. Most better quality target paint is $6.50/can or more (all the way up to $37/12 oz can!) Shipping charge (UPS) on a recent order of 48 12 oz cans was $73 or close to $1.50/can. Wow! So I am curious. Has anyone found a way to avoid this cost? What are clubs around the country doing for target paint for your monthly or larger matches? We are thinking about skipping paint entirely in monthlies and just buying paint for our larger annual matches. Please share your thoughts.
  22. I just can't get my mind around 1990 already being 33 years ago! It seems like the things I remember from that time took place last month.
  23. Tell your friend it's a mismanufactured gun and he needs to get rid of it. I will give him an address to send it to.
  24. Cube root is very easy. Just direct read the D and K scales.
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