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  1. Your boys were great kiddos. I pointed Kid Flash out to my 8 year old daughter and now she’s getting excited about SASS.
  2. I’m sorry folks were disrespectful of your limitations, I agree that’s isn’t the Cowboy way. I’m in a similar boat with staying late and hauling heavy stuff, so I try to help with resetting targets, spotting misses, scoring (which I’m still learning), etc. I figure everyone can help out with some part of the match even if they aren’t hauling steel.
  3. I’m new-ish but also signed up with one pair pants, two shirts and ONE vest. Ha! I ain’t worried, everyone else will have wrinkled shirts on, too, I reckon.
  4. Find a skinny fella or woman at your club, I’m sure they’d let her borrow a rig if they’re on the same shooting posse! Heck, I’m still bumming a rig on month 6 over here while Jack Dixon finishes making mine, thanks to the kindness and generosity of my local cowgirls. Plenty of folks offered, but most of the other belts slid clear off me once I put pistols in the holsters! People are just glad to see folks getting interested, and I’m always glad to see other young women shooting!
  5. He was having a ball, and shooting like a boss, too. If you gotta go, that’s the best way to have it.
  6. Marshal, Sweet and Sassy Cindy asked me to reach out to get your guest’s contact info so that Cindy can properly thank her for the medical assistance she provided. Can you please send me a message? I’m just getting started on Sassnet and can’t seem to message you directly. Ma
  7. I’ll take the cimmaron and IAC. Sending you a message. (Thanks for the heads up, Hollywood and Sweet & Sassy!)
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