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  1. What is this sleeping on the ground or on a cot you guys are talking about? Next addition to the tent is hopefully a platform/floor.
  2. The drawings on the Accurate site are not to scale.
  3. It will work , and be a bit smoother.
  4. Accurate mold 43-202R at the bottom of page 15 of their catalog. Compared to the dimensions I measured on a Big Lube 44 from Whyte leather that I had gotten a few years back. The groove on the Accurate bullet is both significantly deeper and wider. It actually Carrie’s enough lube to leave a film on the muzzle of a 24 inch barrel.
  5. Shot a 3” group at 125 yards last time at the range. Using the same bullet design. The limiting factor wasn’t the bullet, but more likely the sights on my ‘73.
  6. Accurate has a number of molds very similar to the Big Lube bullets, and in higher quality in my opinion. The ones I had made by them carry about 3 times the lube of the big lube bullet.
  7. So moderate to normal loads? 44-40. 39gr of 3F Goex under a 207gr RNFP. 40gr will fit but speed is over the 1000fps speed limit in 7 1/2”. 12G. 90gr of 1F Goex with 1 1/4oz of shot.
  8. On any brass that will fit in my Mighty Armory universal decamping die it gets deprimed first. On my brass 12G shells I run them through the tumbler for about 30 minutes first just to clean the sand and grit from the range. Then deprime/ size and send back through the tumbler to polish and remove sizing lube.
  9. As mentioned above, clean thoroughly. Also check to confirm that the firing pins haven’t started peening over on either end causing them to bind.
  10. There has been a category for scoped Buffalo rifle offered as a side match at WR and now EOT. That being said I don’t recall anyone shooting it.
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