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  1. Not sure why people are still replying. Black Angus already won haha.
  2. I've been pondering making a slider that could clip on to a vest pocket. Would this be legal as long as the pocket was near navel height? Not sure if it's practical but I'd be happy to avoid the extra belt and keep them off my gun belt (belly may block them on my belt haha). Is this failure waiting to happen? I haven't made it past the "hmm, I wonder" phase...
  3. Reading Creekers response... My rig has none of those negative qualities. My only complaint... It creaks like a mofo. I'm not sneaking up on anyone while wearing it that's for sure haha. I need to add some wax or leather conditioner to a few parts to hush it up a little. Just haven't done it yet.
  4. I dig your style Bruce. I think that rig is tight. I'm going a little more classic but with skulls weaved in. A subtle nod to my old punker roots haha. Got a skull bead made of bone in the center of my hat band, will add medalians to my pistol grips when I find the right ones. I love the finger bone button idea. I'd love to see a pic when it's all done. I'll add a +1 for Reddogg. Does fantastic work, reasonable price and a decent turn around time. My rig was all set up for CAS. Most of his work I've seen has been floral work (what I got) but based on what I've seen, this wouldn't be outside his abilities. Best place to see his work on on the Bookface. Search Reddog leather and you'll find him. I'll add a +1 for your dad's quote too haha.
  5. I've done this a few times. Folks are typically really nice about lending gear to new shooters.
  6. Matching is absolutely critical. Unless, they’re different enough that there’s no way they were intended to be a pair. Then that’s okay. But I am weird about that kind of stuff. Unmatched = unsettling for me haha.
  7. After reading and trying things with my local clubs, that’s what I went with. Reliable, lots of parts and a lot of folks use them. I like them a lot.
  8. That totally got me. I had the "what the" look on my face while reading it lol. Well played sir... All great tips. +1 on those video links David Balthazar mentioned. Very helpful.
  9. I'm half deaf When I got my hat it had a dome. My ma siad I looked like Hoss Cartwright. One of my best pards uses Deveraux for his reenactment (and now SASS) name. We're close enough to kin that I ran with that. It was that or Croc Holiday haha
  10. I'm newer and didn't really know what to expect when I started. While watching another shooter I was handed the tools required to collect brass. Another time I was asked to help reset targets between shooters. Message received. Is there a chance they're thicker than most and are oblivious? Maybe just ask them to help. Or better, just hand them stuff like my club did to me haha.
  11. My gawd you’re right man! I should have realized that my being offended by your not being offended is down right offensive! My recent sensitivity training has failed me and I owe you an apology sir...
  12. Being offended is the new American way. I'm even offended that you didn't know it could potentially be offensive. You may want to consider sensitivity training...
  13. Dang... missed it again. I’ll take the striped vest if the deal falls through.
  14. Rad! And you didn't even have to go into dead eye mode! Don't forget to clean your guns or they'll do less damage. I love that game. Well, except for the self defense mechanics. Group of hombre's throw a gun on me and I put them all down. Next thing ya know I have the law after me for murder and I have to pay a bounty. That just ain't right...
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