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  1. That is some pretty sweet swag and Champion buckles and medal if you’re registered for the 2019 SASS New Mexico State Action Shooting Championship! Are you in? Register at www.riogranderenegades.org #riogranderenegades #fallfandango #pewpew #singleactionshootingsociety #cowboyactionshooting
  2. '63 vintage Colt commercial model. I am looking at both Remington and SA as a back-up pistol though.
  3. In my NVs, 14lb springs resulted in light strikes (Federal Primers) 15lbs work fine.
  4. I have found the folks on 1911addicts.com to be friendly and honest. If you take detailed pictures and include as much information as possible I would be glad to ask over there for you.
  5. Nice, I do believe I will get some of those.
  6. Such sweet looking leather! Sure looking forward to my waxed canvas cart sleeve as well.
  7. Oh well, I have a nice custom SS I would have liked to have used, but I think I'll mess with an 1849 pocket model instead
  8. Saw one on GI last night when I was poking around, short barrel though: https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/revolvers/-32-revolvers/uberti-single-action-army-32-wcf-pr45033-.cfm?gun_id=101263783
  9. I assume a Single Six would be ruled out of the pocket pistol category as being a: "Model “P” Colts and clones"
  10. Hey CK, I will take the #9 pants. Message heading your way. ~ Al
  11. A a new shooter, I hope you don't bail. I always enjoy our local matches more when seasoned shooters are there. I got into SASS totally by accident, but boy I'm having fun. I have no illusions about beating any of our top shooters, I just like shooting cowboy guns and hanging around with other folks that feel the same way.
  12. I bought my Cody-Matic for the simple reason I live in a place with no phones and he answered e-mails promptly. I have had zero issues (knocks on wood) with the rifle and even for a slow poke like me the difference between the '73 and the Rossi '92 I started with is staggering. I suspect you will be happy with any of the folks mentioned, but that's my 2 cents.
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