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  1. I do appreciate that Tell, but I won’t be able to attend EOT.
  2. Randy was right. Got notification this morning of suspicious activity with my card. Got it sorted and order placed. Pretty daggum pricey, but with a limit as high as 10k I guess it removes all excuses for not getting what I need now.
  3. Fireball will be the guy with some insight on this.
  4. I keep trying to checkout and continue to get messages stating there has been an unknown error……. It’s not an issue with my card.
  5. Given that I could hide behind a sizable fence post, you’re surely right about that!
  6. I’m no gunsmith. I have a C&I gen 3, lg caliber short stroke kit in my Uberti ’73. It did not require a new lever. I used the aluminum carrier that came with the kit until my gunsmith milled the original brass carrier for weight reduction and reinstalled it. While the lever didn’t need to be replaced, it did need tweaking just a bit to get timing right. I’ve never owned anything from PGW but have heard alot of negative feedback from folks (Champion level shooters) that have.
  7. I too, would be interested in #1 and #8 if they become available separately from the lot, and if prior interest doesn’t result in a sale.
  8. I understand, I was referring to some of the shooters that travel between clubs in each of our areas. It should sell easily enough though I’m sure. Best of luck with your sale.
  9. I’d be a buyer of all the trail boss if there were a pony express rider willing to bring it north. I could meet at a match in Eustis, Gainesville, Jacksonville, or Fort White if so.
  10. I SHOULD have what you’re looking for. I can check when I get home this evening.
  11. One of a couple of well sought listings that will draw plenty of interest. Can anyone vouch for our new friend Yukon King?
  12. I’d be interested in some pictures as well.
  13. Will consider most of the usual makers/importers and possibly 5 1/2” barrels if I feel drawn to them for some other reason. What’s out there? CRC
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