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  1. Thanks for the replies. Great community... I’m waiting to visit with local CAS club at the next club shoot to hopefully test out a couple of rifles before pulling the trigger on mine ...Seems a natural choice to go 1894 if 357/38 or 1873 if 45 (not that those are the only choices)... since I’ve ordered in a pair of NM Vaqueros in 357 I’m leaning heavily towards Marlin 1894c... now to pick out a SAAS Alias to replace my temporary name... I’ll only be new to shooting (Newt Tashootin) for a little while at the beginning of my new adventure
  2. Do a google search on Texas Hill Country... not quite mountains but beautiful hills..... checks off all other boxes ...
  3. Now I’m studying the marlin 1894c in 18 inches... I’m confused because some sites say 10+1 and in the same guns description it says 9+1... is that 10+ 1 if 38’s or 9+1 if .357? I know the case is a bit longer for 357.... do Marin 1894c in 18 inch hold 9 or 10?
  4. Holsters and shotbelt arrived in great shape! Thanks Tyrel!
  5. I’ll take em both for 200.00 shipped. Sending you a pm for details
  6. I’m in the deepest part of south Texas I’ve been to a couple of monthly meets with the Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros... Dream Chaser let me shoot her gear... don’t think it was a 92... probably a 94. Hidalgo also let me try his frontier cartridges... I hate to admit it but I liked his 38-40’s (if I remember correctly) in black powder...different kind of experience shooting bp... I’m have a great time just researching and learning... great stuff on these boards and on YouTube .... I almost feel I’ve gone down a rabbit hole... so much to learn about and try.. and not just about the firearms... history, reloading, leatherwork, outfits...there I go down the rabbit hole again!
  7. Thanks for the info... was hoping the 8 were 357’s ... woulda meant nine 38’s and if there was a mod to the magazine spring (clipping it some) that I’d manage 10... I’ll stick to the 20
  8. As you might’a guessed... I’m new to shooting CAS... working on gearing up and I’m considering the Rossi 92 due to budget.... liking the idea of getting as short a rifle as possible and wondering if a 16 inch Rossi R92 will hold 10 rounds....would I need to clip the magazine spring?
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