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  1. A shooting pard of mine will take the shotshell belt if it’s 12g . I’m sending you a pm
  2. One day, God willing far into the future, when this vaquero passes away,… I pray that my posse, my pards and my compadres don’t let my poor widow sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them…
  3. And the action on them was like butter on a hot knife… smooth, slick and crisp!… I’ll eventually work up my main match pistols one upgrade at a time… but 4K would kill my first wife (I’m still married to her but if I spent this much off the bat either one of us would be dead or id be back on heartbreak row… and I’m too old and ugly to get back into the dating scene!)
  4. I saw these at the Texas state match last weekend and wow they were sweet!
  5. The prizes are actually getting expensive …. Spent 3x as much on upgrades like case feeder and powder check for the 750 than i did for my SDB…. since I could change out calibers easier with the 750 I started playing around with 45LC ‘58 conversions so then needed 45 revolvers and rifle… and since I already had the rifle I might as well get a 1911 and a 97 for wild bunch… plus’s the 45acp conversion …. range gear gun cart got me into Plano storage boxes and ammo cans for different calibers … I liked the bullets from bear creek so much that I just ordered 4K RNFP from bear creek lol… it only sounds like it’s a good thing to win those prizes …my Miss A’Lil Letty hates it when I win something
  6. I went from a square deal b to a xl750 when I won it at a raffle. If I hadn’t won the 750 I’d still be using my SDB. If you will only be loading one pistol caliber and shoot maybe one or two matches a month then the SDB will serve you well. If you load more than one caliber and/or more than 1 or 2 matches a month consider a 550 or even a Lee 4 hole progressive turret press…
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