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About Me

Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC, KCB, 
KCIE; Chevalier, Legion d' Honnoure; U.S. Medal of Honour; 
San Serafino of Purity and Truth 4th class. 
Other Name--Bret "R" Culpepper 
SASS Life Member #535 and Mounted Shootist 
WASA #63, Coto Cowboys, Panorama Sportsman�s Club, 
Silver Queen Mine Regulators, 
Chairman Royal Flashman Society L.A. Chapter, 
The Horse Soldiers, K Troop 1st U.S. Cavalry Memorial Unit, 
SAG, A.F.T.R.A., N.L.S.S.P.. 
Brand -- The god Pan chasing a Maiden

Character: b 1822, s. H. Flashman, Esq., Ashby and Hon. Alicia Paget; educ. Rugby School. m. Elspeth Rennie Morrison, d. Lord Paisley; one s., one d. Colours purchased, cornet 11th LD, 1838 {redesig. 11th H, Prince Albert's Own}; 
Served Afghanistan, 1841-42 (staff, medals, thanks of Parliament, interview with Wellington, HM's Victoria & Albert, captain); 1st Sikh War (staff, medals); Crimea (colonel 17th L by Royal Order, staff, Balaklava, p.o.w., medals); Indian mutiny (staff, Lucknow, etc., VC, KCB, KCIE); China, Taiping Rebellion (staff, p.o.w., medals). 
Served US Army (major, Union forces, 1862, Libby Prison, Medal of honour; colonel (staff) Army of the Confederacy, 1863, letter of thanks Pres. Jefferson Davis, Gettysburg, Brandy Station, etc..); Abyssinian War (staff, Magdala, medals); Franco-Prussian War (staff, Chevalier, L`egion d 'Honneur); Ashanti War (staff, medals); Zulu War (staff, Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift, etc., medals, brig. general); Egyptian War (staff, medals); Sudan (staff, Gen. Gordon's Khartoum Star); Boxer Rebellion (staff, Pekin Residency, medals); regularly commanded to court. 
Travelled extensively in military and civilian capacities; a.d.c. Emperor Maximilian of Mexico (San Serafino Order of Purity & Truth, 4th class); milit. advisor, HM Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar; chief of staff to Rajah of Sarawak; J.B. Hickock's dep. marshall, US; secret service agent, US; R`egiment 'Etrangere, L`arm'ee Francaise; British observer, translator for the US Commission, Treaty Negotiations Sioux & N. Cheyenne Nations; special milit. detach. German states, Bavaria, Prussia; foreign court serv. Duchy of Strackenz, Schleswig-Holstein question, (Danish Order of the Elephant); wagon-train capt., scout, indian-fighter, "49er", gold rushes California, US & Victoria, Australia; observed War of the Triple Alliance, Paraguay; witness, raid on Harper's Ferry Arsenal, Battle on the Greasy Grass, Col. J.S. "Tiger Jack" Moran's arrest; Tranby-Croft Affair; Pitched 1st hat trick in sport's literature, for Mynn's Casuals against All-England XI, Lord's, June 1843; observed 1st HeavyWeight title fight, Sullivan/Ryan, Miss. City, Miss. US, 7 Feb. 1882. Bernier/Flashman duel, pistoles, deloped; Bismarck/Flashman duel, Hapsberg style; Flashman/Starnberg duel, sabre's; Flashman/Nuget-Hare duel, bowie knife/tomahawk; Chmn, Flashman and Bottomley, Ltd.; dir. British Opium Trading Co.; governor, Rugby School; hon. pres. Mission for Reclamation of Reduced Females. Publications: Dawns and Departures of a Soldier's Life; Twixt Cossack and Cannon; The Case Against Army Reform. Clubs; White's, United Service, Blackjack (Batavia). Recreation: oriental studies, angling. Add. Gandamack Lodge, Ashby, Leics. From Who's Who, 1909 edition.

How I picked my Alias: While in school I started haunting Used Bookstores, on one of these Trips I ran across "Flashman" the 1st volume in the Flashman Papers [there are 10 in all Published so far] and I was immediately addicted to the detriment of all else when a new Volume was acquired. So when I found EoT-SASS back in "86"-"87" who else but Flash Harry Would be the perfect moniker for me.

Clothing: My late wife of 35 years, Nancy,  and myself make most of my clothes. I have some from Wahoo Maker, River Junction, and several original garments that I wear. Leather -- Belt and holster custom made R.M. Bachman Kalispell, Montana, I have holsters by Red River Co, Belt and shoulder holsters from River Junction, I have several Original Military and civilian belts and holsters that I use, I've made several belts and holsters myself [I'm making a duplicate of the Bachman rig, but reversing the holster].

Research: As most long time readers of cas-l are aware that Stillwater and I have a small Historical Collection of books on the Victorian/Edwardian Era's as well as the Firearms and L.A's Central Library has always been a Big help. Then on Top of that my long lived Kin and their friends and having worked my Aunt and Uncle's small Horse Ranch as a Wrangler helped as well.

I was a History minor in college, and have had a long time love affair with the Old West and the Victorian/Edwardian Era's. So, other than the Flashman Papers I really didn't do any Research dedicated to developing my alias.

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