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  1. No insult taken! I've tried that one as well. I think it might just be stuck in there more tightly than it should be
  2. Appreciate all the replies! I'll post an update when I get the chance to try some of the advice here. I guess there was a thread I missed, my apologies for the repeat post.
  3. Did a quick search and didn't find any previous threads on this, so I thought I'd ask! I'm having trouble removing the basepin from my Uberti Cattleman. It's a one of the New Models without the screw in the front of the frame. It moves in and out to activate the hammer drop safety, but I can't get it any further out. I've searched other forums and Youtube without much luck. From what those have said, I just need to pull REALLY hard, which I've done to no avail. I put some solvent down the hole (so to speak) in case there was anything in there causing it to stick, which also did nothing to help. I don't want to take pliers or something to it, as that will obviously damage the finish and metal bits. I just want to give my gun a good cleaning and lubricating like a responsible owner.
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