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  1. WTB .22 MAGNUM RIFLE, prefer lever action or single shot, like Henry or 9422 . Recent rotator cuff injury along with severe carpal tunnel problem, means I can't shoot the heavier calibers for the forseable future. ($##@$%!!) Please respond by email. Thanks again. Himself, The O'Meara at jomeara6941@gmail.com (Jim)
  2. First time I wore my kilt in public one of my friends looked at me and said "Are those your legs or are you riding a chicken?"
  3. 50 yerds is exactly 150 feat! I loved the old M-79. As a combat medic I carried a bag of cannister rounds. (Point it west, shoot everything west within 20 yards or so.)
  4. 4 3/4 for speed 5 1/2 for balance 7 1/2 for style points the way I shoot, I go for the style points.
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