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  1. Agreed, I'll save the big ones for rattlesnakes and coyotes..
  2. 7.7 gr of titegroup gives a pretty good kick. I spend a lot of time out west on my cousins ranch in the summer, and we shoot max loads. Didn't like switching powders much, but I tried Trail Boss and loaded 6.5 gr and loved it, so decide to stick with it. Still have plenty of titegroup loaded ammo.
  3. Besides, I'm used to shooting heavy loads, but this load is almost nonexistent in recoil compared to what I used to shoot.
  4. Beefy? Well, to me that's mild. Beefy would be 7.7 gr of titegroup.
  5. Dillon 550B, using the small bar loading 6.4 - 6.5 gr for 45LC. Took a while to get it to meter correctly, but once it settled in, the loads are pretty consistent and haven't had any problems loading Trail Boss.
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