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  1. Yes, lite loads of 38sp produce blowback. Compared to lite 44-40 its a lot and needs cleaning often. Compared to lite 45colt, its minor and you only need to clean it half as often. I reload for all 3 of these, smokeless only CAS ammo, and that is my experience.

  2. 4 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I was just reading an article I was explaining mil dot scopes for dummies. Apparently it wasn't dummy enough, or maybe I just wasn't that interested. But I've got a question.


    You shoot and you miss, and your instructor tells you, "adjust your mil dot".


    Does that make any sense?


    One thing I took away from the dummies article was that it is a type of reticle. And I can't visualize an instructor telling me to "adjust your crosshair" because I missed the target.


    Saw this on a TV show and I figured at the time that it was the script writer trying to add something that sounded military. But I've wondered.

    To actually answer your question. No, that makes no sense at all.

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  3. Sounds like you have a seating/crimping die with the crimping die set too deep. bring the die up a couple turns and the seating stem down to the desired seating depth. I'm assuming you are crimping in a separate step.

  4. I have skin in this game. I shoot WB monthly even though I could shoot CAS at the same mid-month match at our club. I also sign up for the WB side match at every big match we attend. With the new rules, has anything changed for me and my better half, no we will continue to shoot WB with our 44-40 rifles. We do welcome more shooters regardless of what caliber rifle they use. Those opposing these changes wanted WB to go in the opposite direction. Condition 1 carry and movement with loaded guns. More IPSIC IDPA style shooting. Although I could go either direction as a shooter, most WB shooters I have shot with would not do well in that environment. Going in that direction would have attracted some of those shooters to try WB, but I don't see them really sticking with it. They shoot factory ammo. They are not reloaders and would balk at the requirement of lead only bullets. Which would have the advocates for this style of shooting eventually wanting plated or jacketed ammo allowed. I just don't see that direction being good for the game of WBAS. I fully support the direction SASS is going with these changes. Gents, if you want to quit in protest, more power to ya, I don't see it as productive.

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  5. On 11/22/2023 at 10:49 PM, Subdeacon Joe said:

    Not a day goes by in Sonoma County where either the Sonoma County Sheriff Dept or the Santa Rosa Police Dept don't publish at least one arrest in which "Felon in possession" isn't one of the list of charges.  Often these are people out on our catch and release system or recently out of prison.  Laws prohibiting felons from owning, or being in possession of, firearms are just window dressing.  It's easier for a felon in CA to obtain a firearm than it is for an honest citizen to get one.

    Wasn't it the GCA of 1968 that enacted a federal ban on felons possessing firearms? There are, of course, lots of examples of States banning possession, but that was before the GCA 1968, Heller, and Bruen.  


    2 hours ago, Texas Joker said:

    Pre 1964 felons had 2a rights. You could also buy guns at the hardware store or through mail order. The same law that created ffl's also created the category of prohibited person. 


    The judge is correct. If the person in question is a danger to the community why is he free? If he is rehabilitated why restrict his civil liberties?


    The only way to disarm criminals is to lock them up, and that only limits them to edged weapons to use on each other. I see no use in the banning of free people owning "arms". If you are not capable of peacefully owning arms, you should be locked up.

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  6. Interesting turn of events for the WBAS saga. Ever since starting WBAS several years ago I noticed there were 2 factions in WBAS. One wanted to go more W3G/tactical, the other more Cowboy friendly. Seems SASS went with the Cowboys and I support their decision. I wish all the luck and success to the Texas Doughboys, I hope "Wilder Bunch" works out for you, although I think W3G is the appropriate name for what ya"ll got going on. If I'm ever down your way, I'll probably shoot with you. Unlike some I can adapt and draw from condition 1 or 3.

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  7. I know several soldiers who have gone through this. The military with unit support will find something the disabled soldier can do in order to reach retirement. Why? Because when you retire, you get your retirement check and if your disability is over 70% you also get disability pay not deducted from your retirement pay. So 50% (approx depending on when you enlisted) retirement pay and 100% disability. It's all about what is best financially for the soldier. Otherwise a medical discharge only get you the disability pay.

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  8. 19 minutes ago, Reverend P. Babcock Chase said:

    Howdy Red,


    I have a 73 with the same problem, I've been told there is a cut in the Frame or Lifter (don't remember which) the needs some minor dressing. I haven't dealt with it yet, but I found that after I put in the tenth round, I push the base of the shell toward the center of the receiver so that it is sitting straight. The rifle then feeds the 10th (now the first to feed) smoothly. 


    Rev. Chase

    It's the frame. While your solution is fine for the 10 you load at the loading table, it's a disaster reloading on the clock.

  9. 44 minutes ago, Chancy Shot, SASS #67163 said:

    I had a similar problem with my rifle. I got a lot of info from the wire.  Do a search for this thread:  HAVING TROUBLE WITH A 44-40 1873 LOCKING UP ON FIRST ROUND



    The frame of the rifle behind the lifter is designed to straighten the last round loaded as it is lifted. Cleaning up the burrs and sharp edges in this area will fix it. I've done this on several rifles with total success.

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  10. The smokeless 44-40 cartridges of the era were safe for use in earlier "black powder" models. The smokeless cartridges made equal or less pressure. Modern 44-40 loaded by any of the major manufacturers is safe in black powder era guns as the saami limit for max pressure is well under what can be produced by black powder. As stated earlier watch out for "High Velocity" loading that should be marked "not for pistols" or "model 92 rifles only". These are no longer produced but can be found in the collector market. If you really want good historical info, I recommend:

    Chasing the 44-40 - Chasing The 44-40 (google.com)

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  11. My understanding and the way it has been explained, demonstrated to me. Pistol can be at a 180 down while holstering, if the pistol misses the holster the shooter must keep attempting to holster without breaking 180. Holding the pistol at 180 and not attempting to holster would be a violation. Once the muzzle is in the holster it no longer matters what angle the pistol is at.

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  12. Some years ago I picked up 1k Federal black box .45acp on sale for plinking and to build up my supply of brass for wild bunch. Not realizing it was SPP. Then the great shortage happened and I ran out of LPP. A little research and some test loads showed SPP brass was just as good as LPP. You gotta let everyone else at the match you are shooting SPP brass so they check their "pickup" for those unwanted SPP. However in a pinch it saved me a couple matches, and I keep a couple hundred in a separate coffee can just in case.

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  13. 13 hours ago, Sam Sackett said:

    Check this link. 


    I had the same issue with my Stoeger. The answer is that the horizontal locking bar was not engaging the barrel locking lugs enough. I modified the sliding locking bar where it rides against the opening lever. Shortening the top of the locking bar where it rides against the opening lever will allow the locking bar to move farther forward, engaging deeper into the barrel locking lugs. 

    No problems since. 

    Good luck,

    Sam Sackett 


    It is very hard to explain why this happens with stoeger shotguns so read it, read it again, read it one more time while holding the parts so you can see what needs done to permanently fix it. OR just put a heavier spring in it and fight to open it every time.

  14. SDQ = "Initially staging a long gun with the hammer cocked/action closed (once it leaves

    the shooter’s hands)"


    I would like to see this go away also. Simply have the TO tell the shooter to stage it correctly. The shooter can do this anytime during the stage after the beep, why not before starting?

  15. .429 is the most accurate and least leading and most difficult to reload. .427-.428 are easier to reload but will lead your barrel more and be less accurate. Vaqueros are known to have excessively tight throats and need to be reamed. I reamed mine to .430. 44-40 is a finicky caliber to reload and takes a lot of testing to find the right combination of dies and process to get what works for you. 

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  16. It has been my contention that 9mm is the new 22. I no longer "plink" with a 22, even though I have several and a stock of ammo. 9mm is too cheap and available not to use as a plinker. Lots of reasonably priced semiautos in 9mm fit the bill. I went with an Aero Precision EP9.

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  17. I'm a Microsoft Systems Engineer so I work with windows all the time. I recently bought a ChromeBook as a strictly web surfing computer. Waaaayyyy Cheaper, very reliable. If all you need is a web browser you are paying for a whole lot of hardware and software you don't need with a windows platform.

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